Like a box of chocolates......

 "Like a box of chocolates" 
Exhibit Quilt pattern by Eye Candy Quilts
approx 48 x 62

This quilt was started back in October of 2015 at a lqs hosting a block swap. You purchased bundles made up the blocks and then turned them all in and you got what you got. These are a couple I made as I love those colors together. Well I made a few sets of my favorites and then had to give them away...

 The blocks were made from FQ's and I saved and scrimped to cute each out hoping there was enough left for me to make myself a block out of the same fabrics. 
I finally got them out the other day mainly because they turned up at the top of the pile when I crammed  moved all my sewing stuff out of my under construction dining room.  I only had about 7 blocks done but I had saved fabrics I thought might work plus the precious scraps from the blocks I made to give away.  I ended up with 20 sort of mismatched blocks. Fabrics from a current piece I am working on, old fabrics from my guilds "ugly FQ" swap from a couple years ago, weird sort of vintagey looking florals that I had in my stash from who knows where. I just put them together with some background fabrics and this is what I ended up with.  When you sew together blocks others have made you never know what you will end up with for size either. This whole project was sort of a surprise in the end. 

I had this vintage looking blue gray fabric so decided to use it with some left over FQ's. I think it will be a nice picnic blanket. This was part of the American Patchwork UFO 2017 challenge...done!

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  1. Beautiful. Your scraps all blended together so nicely!

    1. Thank you never know sometimes what it is all going to look like together.

  2. Hooray for a finish! I think you got one block I made, top row, 2nd from the left. I wasn't sure how I'd like mine but it turned out so fun with all the different fabrics!

  3. I just love this quilt design. It's so modern and fresh. I keep looking over your great photos. Is this your pattern? Or someone in your area?

  4. Nice pics of your quilt, I especially like to see quilts draped anywhere, over the tree limb, lovely photo!

  5. I love your quilt! It's beautiful!

  6. This quilt is absolutely stunning, Kris. Thank you for sharing !

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