That's You!! RB Creative Rockstar challenge

"That's You" 
 RB Creative Rock star Fabric Challenge
32"x 32" 
pieced and raw edge appliqued
Freemotion text quilting

It kind of glares but I thought it would be fun to take a photo of this quilt in the mirror.  It sums up the creative spirit that is in all of us if we just look for it. I love the sort of reflective quality the triangles in the glass area formed when putting all those prints together. 
The text quilting was super fun and it is all words and phrases that are positive affirmations. I used "That's You and you should know it" text from the theme song "Love is all Around" from the tv show Mary Tyler Moore. The song has a great message and I have enjoyed the person that MTM was over the years. With her passing recently this was sort of inspired by her. 

I used some of all the pieces sent out by the MQG for Riley Blake for this challenge and then picked up a couple solids to use. I submitted it the day before it was due. That is a miracle in itself, as part of my house is under construction. Now we wait and see who wins. :)

"That's You" 
now go be a creative rock star........

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  1. THIS is fantastic! I just love it! Best of luck; you did a superior job and kudos to have done it in time with a house not in its usual state!

  2. OMG! This quilt is just fabulous! I love everything about it - especially the text quilting. Great finish.

  3. Wowza! This is such a clever design! I love that you combined the piecing and the applique to make this quilt. And really enjoyed reading about your thoughts as you worked on this. Good luck in the competition!

  4. This is so gorgeous! Love what you did and the cursive quilting is so clever too. Wow!

    1. Thanks Jean. It is crazy what you do when you are in a pinch and you just let go and quilt and not worry about it ...just go for it! :)

  5. Super creative! I love it! The quilting is so smart. :)

  6. That is awesome, I love the words you used in the quilting!!!!

  7. YOU are a rockstar! I really, really love this quilt. All of your details make this quilt soar.

  8. Wow ! It's really creative. Good luck !


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