Sort of Back!

Wow September already. I will tell you that August was sort of a blur. In a nutshell, I hurt my back early in the month and was not able to sew all! No cutting out just dreaming of what I wanted to be doing and making. 

Near the end of the month I was spurred out of my sewing hiatus to make a quick gift for my great niece on her 3rd Birthday. :)

I was reading blogs and came across an idea someone made (sorry I didn't bookmark so not sure who this was) to make a little handled tote.  I modified the tote to my own crafty idea. I wanted it to be a travel tote for my great niece to carry her art (whatever that maybe) or books etc. She is blessed with many grandparents who love to have her visit and so I thought this would work great. 

 Front pocket and velcro closure to the bag keeps everything together. 
Zipper pocket for markers (dry erase crayola makers inside)

 Inside ruffle elastic straps to hold dry erase board or drawing paper.


Carla said…
A beautiful gift for a gorgeous little girl. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing
Oh Kris I LOVE this! I'm so glad you rejuvenated this under our Tuesday Archives Crafty theme....selfishly, I can now reference it quickly!

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