Like Riding a Bike?

....Or at least I hope it is? It has been over a month since I made a post. I have had so many things going on in my head and body and so ....well you know how it goes, right?  Well I have not been idle while away.  I am pulling up my "boot straps" and "getting back on the saddle" again. 

Here is a Christmas gift I made that I am quite happy with. But wait, first there is my ongoing problem with Google chrome not letting me upload photos. If anyone has any ideas for me ( I log in and log out and log in and still it says it is unavailable)???
Okay, back to the good stuff....

Ta-da! My first sewing machine cover project. I sort of designed it myself and I made sure to put a pocket on the front. If any of you have little ones that like to come into your sewing room and turn on the knobs and pick up your scissors and seam ripper, then you can see why the pockets came about. 

The pocket sort of blends in so if you don't need to use it for anything it still looks like part of the design. 
I spent a little time trying out some FMQing on it. The back with the scissor fabric I just love and it shows off the quilting quilt nicely. 

One of the other things I finally got around to doing is washing up, labeling and delivering some charity quilts. 

7 quilts went to my local quilt guild cuddle charity. I was so happy to get them delivered before the holiday. I hope they went to some good homes. 

Well I made it to the end of this post. Yippie!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday and are ready for the New Year. I have a few more projects to share soon and then I hope to get ready for some 2014 QALs and some challenges and the demise of my UFO pile and fabric stash (pre1990 maybe???)  :) It's all good. See ya soon!


Terry said…
Your sewing machine cover is beautiful! :0)

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