Blogger's Quilt Festival entry for Fall 2014

I decided to enter the Festival again this year. I get so excited to see what everyone has made. Once I see the entries start rolling in I think I shouldn't enter but I have to say I am really proud of this piece. I am going to enter it in the Art category because to me it IS art!

Portrait of my Mother at the Joslyn Art Museum
"So Blue"
approx. 40" x 50"

We stopped to take a picture at the Memorial Gardens also. You can sort of see the grid quilting I did over the piece. I think it adds to the pixilation.  
This garden has over 1200 different rose varieties.
Too sunny that day but you can see some of the roses all around.

One block finished of the partial eye. The pixels are sewn into 1" finished squares.
Two rows finished!

To see about some of the construction of this labor of love go HERE

Linking up with the wonderful host of the Festival,  Amy from Amy's Creative Side  (in the Art Category) HERE if you want to vote when it opens. :)
Stop by all the categories  HERE because you will be inspired!
Thanks for stopping by!


Beth said…
This is amazing!
Jen said…
I know I've told you this before, but I LOVE THIS QUILT! It is just so cool. I'm glad you entered it so lots of people can see it!
Camilla said…
Wow! Amazing and such a labour of love!
Corinnea said…
I love this! It's absolutely beautiful.
Jim Smith said…
Great and beautiful work. We just finished our Sleep Jezebel using similar techniques. Jim and Andy at Quilts SB.
CathyH said…
This is an amazing quilt! Great job!
Lauren said…
This is so awesome!!! I LOVE it!! Great job, I'm voting for you and following your blog! Thanks for sharing!!

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