Little pink houses..,

So....that is not going to get changed! Can't believe I didn't see that I had two similar houses together.   Well this has been fun putting these together but now the pieces all over the place are driving me crazy so I must get this put is!! :)

This is from the Hillside Houses QAL @ Pretty Little Quilts. I just grabbed a bunch of Kona and went for it without using the coloring sheet. Yep, there ya go!

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Christine S said…
It looks amazing!
Cathy said…
I love it! I didn't even see the two similar houses together until I read what you wrote. It's gorgeous!
Jen said…
I love this design! I think it looks great, the pink houses don't bug me at all! Maybe the people who live in those houses are best friends and they both love pink :)
Kate said…
It looks fabulous, even with the closely matching houses.
Debbie said…
I think it looks delightful!
I've seen this pattern around. Your color combination looks great!! (Even with the twins next to eachother...of which I would have never noticed!!) LOL

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