Trial Run

 One of my local quilt guilds had a group of lovely ladies come and talk about various charity and out reach programs last month. At the end of the talk I sent out a challenge to design a small quilt for one of them.  I handed out graph paper with the optional sizes on it and told them to keep it modern and simple.  We hope to have them turned in by next meeting and with a little luck and some volunteers, I hope to turn at least one of the designs into a kit-able quilt kit for others to sew up.  I thought I better give it a go so here is one of my simple modern designs.
This went together really quick and didn't waste much fabric. I was able to grab fabrics I had on hand to go with the cute butterfly center fabric.  

Since the design was so simple I took the time to free motion mums all over in Aurifil gray.  I am getting better at free motion but still not great. I could make several more of these before I will say good. :)

I thought a local park was a good photo op.  I have since cleaned up my design and made a few things bolder and so I think it would be an easy kit.   I can't wait to see what the others have come up with.

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Jen said…
Aww this is a sweet little quilt and you did end up having fabric that worked! I would like to see it with some aliens and planets though! :)

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