PQ 10.3 finish

Project Quilting 10.3 is Bigger than a Breadbox theme. I usually don't have a problem with size when the challenges are given out. I thought that since I just had to make this bigger than 8 x 16 that I would give myself other limitations to learn something new or try something different. 

22.5" x 22.25"
Large freezer paper pieced (my design)
Inset pieced circle 
played with colors

I just loved how the colors played off each other. It was very hard to photograph and get the actual colors. I am not sure I did a very good job of that. 

I tried for snow to help with the colors but most of it was melted off near me. 

I used monopoly clear thread to quilt the organic lines. I think it worked well with all that color. 



Jo said…
Love, love, love it. I have been wanting to play with transparency like this but somehow I just never get around to it. Maybe this will inspire me!
What a wonderful (expanded) challenge quilt!! I've GOT to try those inset circles... one of these days.
Mel Beach said…
Graphic design and I love the use of transparency!!
Amy said…
Everything about this is so soothing. I love the design & the way it all fits together.
PersimonDreams said…
This is STUNNING! You did such an amazing job with all the new things you tried this round. I'm blown away!
Jayne said…
Those colors! I love this design too! Congrats, it's a beautiful quilt all around!

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