Best of 2019 party

I decided to link up with Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs for the Best of 2019 party. I had a small progress year as far as quantity but feel I did pretty good in the quality end.  Several of my quilts won ribbons at the fair and my first quilt got accepted into QuiltCon. 

Here are some of the top viewed quilts:

I admit that I love them all and for different reasons. 

Sunset Strip was another favorite. I really liked how this one turned out. 

and lastly "Path Interrupted". This one has been in my mind as part of a series so maybe in 2020 I can bring that to life. 

Lots of ups and down health-wise this year and continuing so right now into 2020 but I hope that none of it stops me. I am very grateful for all the opportunities and successes I had this year. 
I currently am part of a wonderful group that sews for Quilts for Kids and I was included in an extra video clip for the recent PBS program Craft in America: Quilts. You can see the QFKs clip above and to the left on my blog. 
Next week for the beginning of a local FiberFest celebration in my town, I was asked to share a couple pieces with a friend and fellow quilter at the Burkholder Art Gallery. 
My first entry and first acceptance to QuiltCon will get sent off. 
My local modern quilt guild proposal for a gallery showing at the International Quilt Museum called Big Blue Spin-Off will be up mid May -mid Nov. to name a few things coming up. 

Lots to look back on gratefully and lots to look forward to in 2020. 
What about you?


Mel Beach said…
Wow--such a beautiful mix of quilts! Sunset Strips is especially gorgeous. Congrats on having a quilt accepted into QuiltCon--I hope you get to go see the show in February!
Sounds (and looks) like a stellar year in your quilting world!! Congratulations.
Debbie said…
Love seeing your beautiful work!
Cheryl said…
Congrats on getting into QuiltCon and for the other beautiful finishes! Thanks for linking up!

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