Less Hideous Challenge = Rose Garden

Rose Garden 
22" x 22"
Less Hideous Challenge for OMQG
Improv Piecing
Organic Hatch quilting

One of my local guilds set up a challenge where you pulled fabric out of a big bag of uglies. I picked the two above which I felt were lesser of all the dated fabrics. I kept them laying around until I thought what I wanted to do. It was hard because the bigger print would be hard to put in any kind of quilt block and it would still read traditional. 
Then I figured I would have to improv a traditional block, in this case the 9 patch. 
Also the colors, which are hard to tell on here, are pinky peachy in the large print and dark deep rosy red in the smaller print. The larger print has a touch of green which is the the complimentary color. If I went there, I would be in holiday territory. I didn't want that. I decided to put only a small amount of green in and pull out the peachy colors in the prints for a more analogous color set up. I chose grunge in both shades. 

Then it was all about balance and proportion. I think my 9 patch idea shows through nicely. The dark gray instead of black helped too ...I think. 

This backing was just a scrap that was close. I wanted to show off the quilting which is a really odd persimmon color but worked great. 

It reminded me so much of an english garden and so I named it Rose Garden. This challenge really was just that. How to take small dainty prints and make them into something that is modern and not modern traditional. 
This shot was outside with a little sun on my garden. 

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Well done! I'd say that you totally met that challenge.
Shasta Matova said…
You did a great job! This is a really striking quilt.
How fantastic!! I really like what you did with those fabrics and the extras you added made them look so different!! Too cool - and the title of your post - Less hideous - too crazy!
Nann said…
Your delightful quilt proves the saying that if a fabric is ugly, just cut it up. Great design!
Frédérique said…
Great composition, and a fun challenge! They are not ugly anymore!

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