Something about working on Group Quilts

  My local quilt guild took on a group project last year. We wanted to show a T.O.M. = technique of the month, to members and then have them try it. Most of the techniques were improv based giving some the opportunity to try them with no fear. We chose a color and size scheme.  We used coral and cream and we were pretty free about the corals including shades of reds and violets. Same with the creams including some whites. Block options were 12.5, 6.5 squares or 12.5 x 6.5. The result of the blocks turned in at each monthly meeting was wonderful.

We were able to make this Medallion style quilt 84". 84", a row by row style quilt 84" x 90", a lap sized throw 48" x 60" and a wall hanging 24" x 24". 

Fabric of said colors were donated to piece together the backing and use any leftover blocks that may be left. 

This one was quilted by a former member Sonya Nelsen on her longarm. I love the texture it created in this busy quilt. 

The row by row style T.O.M. quilt is waiting to be quilted yet. One of the last sew days I attended before the pandemic stopped the in person sew days, I took a quick pic of the finished top. 

The techniques turned out great. One of the members on the planning committee, Julie Karjala, did a great job in finding tutorials to try. 
I can't wait until this one is quilted too. 

This is the jr. throw sized T.O.M. So much fun in these blocks! 

You can see some of the leftover blocks were put to good use on the back of this one!

Used one of the blocks for the label. Again all the scraps and blocks and donated fabric bits were used somewhere except for a few tiny bits. I love the puzzling it took to get most of the blocks and quilt tops together. 

Numerous sew days at the IQM gave time to sew blocks and share fabrics.Sheila Green working on some of her blocks above.  So many contributed to the quilts. A shout out goes to Jennifer McKitrick and Michelle Cotton for doing a lot of the block layout and sewing for the two big quilts. 

So many blocks turned in! It was truly incredible how willing so many were to try the techniques. 

Lastly the wall quilt. This was made from a few remaining blocks. The great thing about all these quilts is that our guild has them to work with and use for raffles, or outreach programs.  This tiny wall quilt is going to one of the guild projects: Habitat for Humanity. 

So....something about working on a group quilt project? Yes there can be challenges involved in working with blocks made by many others. I think these cheery quilts show that hurdles can be crossed and beauty is the result. I think it is well worth the time to get involved and work on a project like this. I hope to update you on the second big quilt and what will become of them for the guild. 

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Nick Thomas said…
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I'm having a bit of a love affair with Modern Quilting at the moment. These group quilts are outstanding!
Joyce said…
Such an accomplishment and what an amazing quilt - a total stunner!

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