P. Q season 14.1

Project Quilting has started the 14th season. P.Q. 14.1 theme is the 1st One. I went to my stash for this as again this year I would like to use some of the things I have. I pulled out my QCR Mini Wonderful Curves book and ruler. 
Found a stack of FQs languishing in the back of the cupboard and started.

My interpretation for The 1st One is to make One shape. This will be a half clamshell. The pattern I followed mostly is called Cider House. It was square but I managed to make an extra row so it is a bit bigger.

Using the Quick Curve Ruler all I needed was to cut enough squares for the design. You can see my first cut. So simple and just what I needed to get my quilting mojo going. 

The half clamshell makes a great looking pinwheel and it also makes the chain like apple core. So fun and easy.

To get the extra row since I was using FQs, I had to be inventive. I was able to piece each of the scrap bits together to make the squares so I could cut the curve out. Some pieces are in the concave and some in convex. With these lovely AGF prints most all are hidden and best news...I ended with very very few scraps of any kind. WIN!

34" x 40"
simple quilting following the apple core chain. 
I love the corally grunge and blues together!

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I love the way the shapes play between the pinwheel and apple core. Lovely!
I would not have thought this to be an easy pattern, Kris. It certainly made a lovely quilt!
PersimonDreams said…
wow! This is absolutely stunning! Love it!

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