2nd Quarter projects - I can do it!

1. I want to get this little girl quilted and to a loving home. I have to make the back and then get going. I think it will be pretty simple. This is the only new thing I am adding to my goal list...I think?

2. Carry over from 1st quarter and also goal for April ALYoF.

My charm pack "little black dress" fabric quilt.

This doesn't look like much and I know I will be making new projects and getting a few otherthings finished. The hardest thing is to go back and finish projects...I know that and I love that this challenge is the way to do it. I just know this quarter I have to think about a couple projects that I want to do for the quilt show or myself. They have not even started yet so I will devote some thoughts and time to that.

I guess if I completed one project in Q1 and 2 in Q2 and so on that would still equal 10 old projects this year. I think that is a great goal. :)

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Julie Mylander said…
Your goals are totally reasonable! The baby girl quilt and LBD quilt are beautiful! Good work!
Jo Ferguson said…
I went a little nuts with my goals. I probably wasn't very realistic. I think it's good for us to set a goal, notice I used the word "a". The number of goals is not important. I'm going to enjoy seeing how you quilt these.
Emily Carnes said…
cool! i like that you used sashing to make the charm pack into a quilt. i have a charm pack of "hearty good wishes" by moda and i've been trying to decide how to make the most of it, as in turn it into a sizeable quilt. thanks for the inspiration!

Emily at backtothecraft.blogspot.ca

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