WIP churn dash

Tried my hand at a few small 6" churn dash blocks. I am hooked. They are so fun and cute to make.  I was just going to try a few blocks in all solids and then I decided this little 9 patch needed some print. I will now have to make more for the blocks I didn't use. Is it me or sometimes you just move from project to project making more projects???

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Very nice blocks. Love the colors as well.
L E Antwis said…
Very pretty! Linda
Allison Babcock said…
Uh, you are not the only one hopping from one project to another creating more projects along the way. I think it's how you know you are a real quilter. =)

Love the churn dash blocks. I'm always drawn to the, but I still haven't made any myself. Hmmmm...new project? =)
Jane said…
I love churn dash blocks also and your's are so pretty!
Emily Carnes said…
super cute blocks! i tried sticking with the same project until it was done and, well, it was bo-ring. haha! good on you for doing what inspires you :)

Emily at backtothecraft.blogspot.ca
SewPsyched! said…
Suhweet blocks!!!!!
Vera said…
Looking good! Well done.

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