Triangle along = Come on get happy!

That is the song I have been singing since I started sewing the rows together for the Triangle Along. I don't think that is what I am going to name this but I thought if I kept saying those lyrics then maybe....just maybe things would start going right. Not!

The quilt along triangles are not hard to put together. I have made a couple of smaller triangle quilts. Something in the stars were not lined up with me is my guess on this one. I still have one mistake to turn around but I have never had to rip out so much in my life. I kept all of the rows, pairs etc just how they were supposed to be but next thing I knew they were backwards. I took the time to press each row in opposite directions, first with two pairs and then as I when I had four together...then suddenly half of them were ironed the wrong way in the same row???  Like I said....stars were not aligned. I am pondering the idea that the first layout I had was a star pattern and then I changed my mind...not sure. Just know that I have one rip left in me but I need to cut out 4 more triangles for the bottom two rows because of my layout I decided on, I need to cut different pieces. I will need some luck and a prayer or two! :)

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CeLynn said…
Don't feel like you are the only one,I had my share of ripping to do also! Somehow I always manage to get pieces turned somewhere between the floor and my sewing machine!

Love the layout you have decided on,and hope you are able to get the tech issues figured out soon.
I'm good at backwards sewing too (unpicking)! I love the fresh colours you have chosen :)
Quilt Musings said…
I had to smile through your post - I did a good amount of ripping too :) It seemed like every time I'd step away and start sewing again the first one I sewed would be backwards! But you got 'er done and it looks fabulous!
Marci Girl said…
Yeah I've been ripping a lot too, like you said, maybe the stars aren't aligning! Your quilt sure is beautiful though, so totally worth all that ripping!
Great fabrics for your triangles!
Jen said…
I love triangle quilts and yours is going to be nice. I like the greens a lot! Is there anything worse than having to rip out seams? So frustrating. Hopefully you are on the right track now and everything is coming together!
I love the scrappy look. I found, after ripping out an entire row, that I couldn't chain piece this one....and did each triangle....luckily I had a good lifetime movie on!!
Jo Ferguson said…
I adore your fabric and colour choices with this quilt. It is happy looking. Sorry it's causing you so much grief. Some quilts are just like that. I think you should still call it something with "happy" in it because I bet you'll be happy to finish
You made it and it was totally worth it! Enjoy.

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