A few of my Favorite things ~ 2014

My niece with her Elsa/Anna pillow I made for sleeping over at the Grandparents house! Grandparents each received new pillow cases to match...can there be too much Frozen in your life? :)
her brand new baby brother
mmm...new baby snuggles!
Mason jar pincushions from my moms stash of flour sack material. I made hexi flower tops and then divided up some of the buttons she had saved.  All the kids used to play with her button can which was an old canned ham container.  This was one of four I made so far.
Signing up for an online Friendship Block Swap and asking a fellow blogger, Jen,  from my same city to join in.  We both had fun making our quilt tops and then we
had fun meeting Luke Haynes together. :)

My first entry into the county fair since 4-H days. 

Tried my hand at value design of my own.
Tried totally improv curvy leaf designs and lots of fmqing which you can't see well on here but that is probably for the best! ha
and of course one of my most favorite things from this year  and possibly ever........
So Blue - a portrait of my mother pixelated.
More of my 2014 works HERE
Of course, there were lots more fun projects and lots more learning going on this year. I just wanted to share a few fun things and thank all my blog friends for hanging around with me.  The end of this year has presented some challenges and though we are not totally out of the woods yet I hope we are on our way.
I hope everyone has plans to make 2015 a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year! 
***note: Today is actually my blogs 2 year mark!!!  I can hardly believe it as I have been a bit out of it lately. I hope to have a fun giveaway in the coming weeks.... so stay tuned.
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Preeti Harris said…
I really like the improv curvy leaf designs. Learning to FMQ is on my 2015 list of resolutions!!!
Thank you for sharing :-)
Christine S said…
So Blue is outstanding!
Renee said…
What a great year! I love the friendship star blocks! They are so vibrant. The improv leaves are lovely, I'd like to make some like that! And the pixelated photo is wonderful!
Beth in MN said…
Your curvy leaves are fabulous! No need to hide your work! Love the blue photo of your mother and the button jar. What a wonderful remembrance. Happy 2015
Lorna McMahon said…
So Blue is one of your first projects I ever seen. I do love that one! Lots of lovely favorites you have here. Baby snuggles are always nice! Looking forward to seeing what is to come in 2015! Happy New Year!
Jen said…
Happy New Year Kristie!!
Emily Carnes said…
The improv work is beautiful! Love to see your work. Happy New Year :)

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