Not idle... just slow

Finally getting around to posting my challenge piece. I struggled so much coming up with something I liked using these fabrics. I did get something done as you see, and I submitted it but alas it was not accepted.  I do think that I was a tiny bit disappointed but then again I have been really distracted from sewing because of a recent illness with my husband.

So, I am just now pulling up my knee socks and moving forward.
I call this "Spumoni Sunshine".  It is pretty small at 30" w x 28" l with spiral quilting.

 I used the fat eights that were sent and a bit more of the yellow and white and then gray and black of the MM  solids.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...right?  So maybe next time. :)

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Lorna McMahon said…
Don't despair.... This is a lovely quilt and great quilting. Sorry to hear your hubby has not been well. In my prayers!
Anne said…
Wow, that's beautiful! You did great things with those colors (which I also had a hard time with.) I'm really interested to see which challenge quilts were accepted.
I hope your husband feels better soon!
Cassandra said…
This is a fascinating quilt, and a great use of the color palette!
Jean said…
What challenge was this for? I love it and think the balance is just right. I also like the way 2 of the quarters have borders to help them fit in with the rest. Very pretty!
Christine S said…
It is very pretty! I hope your husband is doing better.
Jen said…
I remember looking at that little stack of fabric with you and we were both thinking "ewww!" haha! It's so neat to see what you came up with, you did a great job of putting it all together. I really like the bits of black and the circle design.

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