WIP Wed - improv

Okay I admit that might be a long shot. In my mind this looks like a heart but to my husband...nada! So this is a block that I am using for a challenge that requires hearts. I wanted to do something improvish so I have been messing with these dots and solids to come up with something fun and new for me.

Do you think it looks like a heart?  Some of my blocks are a bit more squared so not as obvious but still I was so happy with my progress until I asked my husband!! :P

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the zen quilter said…
Well, I really love the fabrics. And I see the heart, too! I love it
carla said…
Hi!!!! Never ask hubbies!!!!! Ha!!!!! Well sometimes they get it!!!!! I do ask mine sometimes and if he agrees then good, and if he doesn't I go on with it anyway!!!!!! Hee hee!!!!! I don't really listen to anyone who doesn't like it!!!!!!! I see the heart and love the improv!!!!!!!
If ever there was an improv heart, you have made it! It is cute!
Patchwork Polly said…
I think your stylised heart will stand out wonderfully amongst a lot of traditional heart shapes. And you're using Amy Butler fabric (I can sniff her stuff out from miles 'cause I love it so) which is always a winner!
Lorna McMahon said…
Sure it does look like a heart! But then again.... I see Mickey Mouse, too. Hmmm... I think it's great that you are going with an improv style. And the block turned out beautifully, Kris!

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