PQ - 12 Hearts or Mickey Mousing Around?

This is my quilt for the PersimonDreams "Have a Heart" Challenge.  Season 6 project 4 already!  We had to include 12 hearts. Well...I am not a huge heart fan and I know there are lots of ways to do them out there. I wanted to improv some somehow. I came up with these.

Not all hearts have to be rounded...right? Okay so these look a bit like Mickey Mouse especially with this dotted fabric.  Fine with me!!
I quilted all around but only quilted V's in the heart blocks. I thought it would make it puffy and fun but it makes it even more like Mickey Mouse! haha

No matter how you show it...indoors or out  in the snow it still looks like 12 Mickey ears. :)  I had this cool variegated bubble fabric from Clothworks in my stash so I used that for the back.  The gray on the front is a cross hatch gray that I love but not sure where I picked that up from. It was also in my stash.
I started out with a stack of dotty FQ's by Amy Butler and some solid FQ's (not sure of this collection but they are super soft and tightly woven) that were all in my stash. I wanted to make this a duo challenge for Project Quilting and Sew My Stash challenge with Project Leasawhich is to sew your precuts this time.
12 Hearts or Mickey Mousing around measures 42 x 52 with wavy line quilting using Aurifil thread. I used a poly batting and that gave me lots of trouble. I love my cotton but I wanted to use all stash for this baby.  
I wish I could have used up more. I could easily make about 5 more of these baby blankets!!! (Picture the V-8 commercial head bop right here) Why do we stash so much fabric???
I will be linking up with Persimon Dreams and there will be voting starting Sunday Feb. 22 until Feb 27 so stay tuned for that.
Also linking up with Project Leasa Sew My stash precuts and
Today with Kelly over at My Quilt Infatuation for
Needle and Thread Thursday I have to thank Kelly as she gave my SuperNova Friendship quilt a highlight today!! Thanks Kelly!
and Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up FridayHERE


greeneggs said…
Love it! I'm also not a hearts fan so I admire your re-interpretation. If you hadn't said Mickey Mouse I don't think it would have occurred to me, but now I can't unsee it! Anyway, it's really cool and the backing is great.
Carla said…
So modern and fun, this quilt is awesome! I agree, I would never had thought of Mickey if you hadn't said that, but now that is what I see and it is too cool. Great quilt and done before the weekend. Call me jealous...lol
I love your solution to the hearts. I'm not really a heart person either, but I went with it for my challenge quilt. I've been using my stash for all the challenge quilts this season. It's harder than I would have thought- especially when I need batting. Great finish!
Sandra Jantzi said…
I love your creativity!
Jen said…
I can see both hearts and Mickey Mouse haha! Fun pictures too!
Lia*s Handmades said…
What a creative idea! I love it, especially since I'm not such a huge fan of actual heart shapes either, lol!
Kylie MJ said…
Really great! I love how it's all framed within a larger negative space. I'll be copying this!
MegsAnn said…
How cute! Such a fun improv shape. Well done. www.quiltartbymegan.com
PersimonDreams said…
I love this one! Great way to interpret and deal with the heart challenge! Wonderful!

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