WIP and Let's Bee (more) Social!

I am getting way ahead of myself these days. I signed up for two classes in one week, I belong to 3 guilds now, and I am helping to host some improvisational sewing days at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  The Saturday class I am taking there is with Victoria Findlay Wolfe and I can't wait!!
All of this leads to little getting done and lots of things started and little getting done...did I say that already???? :)

So my class yesterday was with Tony Jacobson, designer for Fons and Porter Magazine.  He designed the 3 Tours star quilt and so I signed up. It is a beautiful quilt design and very fun. However I am pretty much on a budget and wanted to do more from my stash.  Mine is not going to be the traditional look of red, white and blue but I think it will be pretty just the same.

I did manage to finish all of the star blocks and started to work on my striped section when suddenly our time was up.  So fun to sew with others so if you have never done it you should give it a try.
Last Saturday was our first "Afternoon at the Improv" sewing day at the Museum.   It is an open discussion, with sharing of books and topics of Improvisational piecing and then you can work on the demo pieces or just sew what you want.   We had a great turnout for our first gathering.  We had a demon on slash and insert and 1/4 curve circle piecing.

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Wow, I love the aqua colour with the black, white and grey fabrics - beautiful choice!
Susan Arnold said…
That's going to be pretty quilt when done! Can't wait to see!
Cassandra said…
Wow! It sounds like you are involved with a lot of inspiring groups and classes! I really like the blue and grey color scheme for your star quilt!
Jean said…
Love your star blocks and the sewing day looks like fun. We can always use more of those!
Jen said…
You are a busy lady! The improv day at the museum looks like it was a success! I hope I can make it next time. I really like the colors of your star blocks!
Love your star block. How different.
Lisa said…
I have never seen a star block done quite like that--I love it! The colors are great too!
Libby said…
I love your stars! The little bits of teal/aqua are very cool and I imagine they're going to pop wonderfully in the finished quilt. Good luck getting everything done ^_^
Wendy said…
that quilt is going to be amazing, I love the colour scheme you're using! Much better than red, white and blue!

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