Channeling Victoria Findlay Wolfe

So many of you quilty people have probably  read the C and T publishing post where you can ask questions about their authors. If you are lucky your question will be answered. Well, Jane Combs asked How does Victoria Findlay Wolfe do it all? Victoria answered with how her days usually go. read article here

Many of my friends, and myself,  took away from this post that we are totally and unforgivably lazy do nothings!  Well..... that might be a little over dramatic! I need to brutishly look at how I spend my days. ha

First off....not to worry...some of Victoria's work she has help with.  Well, me too, if I play my cards right.  Since today is Saturday I figured I could channel a little VFW today and see what happens.  The biggest help I have it is to be left alone bright and early to get organized. No problem. Hubby gets up between 5 and 6 a.m. and generally leaves around 7 for work.  I got up and took my meds giving me 30 minutes to do something before I have to have a shot of green tea.  Two UFO's have been lingering around the floor piles a bit too long.  I had two 24" boat blocks that I made back with the group SewCanSheSewcialities BOM.  I made 4 blocks thinking it would make one kids charity quilt but then got the bright idea to make 4 kids quilts instead. Brilliant right?

Having a 24" block already made makes it so easy to add some plain blocks around it and make a good sized kids quilt. 30 done and pressed.   See I am NOT lazy!!!

After my shot of tea, cook up a bit of breakfast and a few ablutions later I head back in to layout the second quilt top.  VFW says she has many projects going at once.   Well there we are very much alike! I have tons of crap  stuff started. I think that counts. 
Layout, sewn, done!  Glance at my watch and it is not even 8 o'clock! Woot! who needs a team?

Time to check social media, answer some emails and make a grocery list. I am going to make a quit run to store, return an item at another store and get back here and get my backings together and get going. Back in the sewing room by 9:15. I am on a roll. 

Sandwich up one of the quilts and get it basted.  Time to chop up some veggies for soup and field some calls from hubby about our special kitchen light fixture that needs a certain odd shaped bulb.  Down to search internet and have to call hubby to remind him that we need a new flapper in my bathroom.  (So hard to get good plumbing help at my house!) :)
Meantime furnace kicks on and terrible rattle going on but I found vibration and stuck odd piece of velcro which happened to be near by, into slot and problem no more!  Flapper is on it's way but bulb is no where to be found or ordered.  sigh

Back to veggies and itching to get to at least one quilt sandwich. Soup is simmering and I am quilting away.  Gee not even 11 yet but I am getting hungry?  Quilting done, need to make binding yet but must eat. Crazy........until I look at the clock on the my watch has been running slow all day! Argh!  
Ate lunch and talked to hubs who is on his way home. Must bribe him to work on the new skylight we had installed right before Thanksgiving.  Mostly drywall work below the newly cut opening.  Daylight is so short.   The bribe....cranberry bread like I made for thanksgiving. This is a no grain break and a bit tricky to get just right but it worked.  He was able to mud up one layer more before the darkness. 
I on the other hand finished the binding on one of the quilts. 

 See..... numerous projects underneath boat on design wall, not to mention stacks on the floor!  I can easily give VFW a run for the money!
Finished quilt going to Lincoln Quilts for Kids local chapter.  Needs to be washed yet but I am saving it to wash when I finish the second one and use some color catchers for all that red and white fabric!  

So all and all it was a productive day. Not VFW worthy but a very satisfactory day for me. Two quilt tops made and one completely finished.  Groceries bought, item returned, new toilet flapper installed.  Coat of mud on the drywall, and backing cut and ready to be quilted up tomorrow.  Veggie soup waiting for me now that is it almost dinner time and warm yummy cranberry bread smelling up the house.  Hubby worked pretty well with me until he had to take a nap around 3:30 which always put a crimp in my sewing since it is right next door. Still it was a good day, not a typical day...but a good one!

I want to say I love Victoria and was actually so inspired by her post to really get going and get some of this stuff done so that I feel more like the creative playful person I know I can be.  I hope she knows I was just having fun with this post. :)

Day 3 of 31 days of blog writing with Cheryl Sleboda!


Jen said…
Oh my gosh, just reading this made me tired! Ha! Glad you had such a productive day!
Kris PK said…
Oh, Kris, you are the least lazy quilter I have ever met in my life! YOU make me feel like a lazy slug sometimes, but mostly you are my hero and you inspire me daily. Keep up the good work and positive attitude.
Blogger said…
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