O Tannenbaum.......

 Yep, singing that all afternoon while I made these fun paper-pieced trees!! Now it is in your head too isn't it?  :)
I started these trees after a lqg meeting late last year. I made three right away and then sat down with an old phone book and made 13 more papers to use and promptly but it all away. 
Today I was inspired to get them out and make up at least the other 13. I had a system and they went together really quickly.  I highly recommend the quarter inch ruler. That was so easy to lay that down and let the lip of the quarter inch cup over my folded pieces.   
Now what is this going to become? Lots of wonky pieces were trimmed off the trees and it would be fun to wonky this up a bit.....maybe.....idk.  Off to tear the papers off and will see what I dream up over night.  Love this texture so will see what  come up with.

5/31 days of blog writing challenge


Wendy said…
these look great! I love the colour scheme. I thought the first photo was black and white!

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