Odds and Ends in Fits and Starts!

 A little bit of fun at my lqg sewing day: Hootie and Blowfish are chicken pincushions. I love how they turned out. 

photo by Taura Horn

I was having trouble staying focused on things. My lqg is making a outreach quilt for a family that will be moving into a new home by Habitat for Humanity next year.  We collected d9p blocks from our members and then worked on it for a few days. 

This was so much fun to work on but it wore me out. My own projects have been suffering. Another lqg I am in met at Accuquilt for our meeting and we had use of the Studio cutters for some fun.  I gathered up some fabrics and cut and cut and cut. Here is one piece I actually completed. 

It is a long skinny wall runner and it perfectly depicts the weather right now. I wanted to 'try' to be creative so I came up with the idea to stitch a saying in the binding with my machine. After careful planning I STILL stitched it too close to the center of the binding so I had to fold it over a little further than I wanted. 

It sort of worked out anyway.  I tried the ladder stitch on my machine to stitch the binding down also. Not perfect but I like it. 

So many things started so few finished but every little bit counts these days!!!

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Terry said…
I love your chickens!! :0)
Heidi said…
I love the idea of stitching letters in the binding and have actually tried it by hand. The first time, I ripped it all out, but the next quilt I tried it on came out better. Yours looks great, and so does the ladder stitch! That is a really pretty runner.
Jen said…
Our outreach quilt looks great, can't wait to see how it looks all finished. Your wintery wall hanging is really pretty, what a cool idea to stitch words into the binding!!

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