Round Robin finish - The Wall

"The Wall" 
39" x 51"
scraps, orphans, extras and so much more
Freemotion quilting random stuff
It was a sew day back in Oct of 2015. A few brave members of my local modern quilt guild got together to attempt a Round Robin score taken from Sherri Lynn Woods book: Improv handbook for Modern quilters. Six showed up and bravely worked on their beginning pieces until the timer said to pass it to the person on your left. 
We had so much fun just improv sewing.  I really didn't have a theme at first and then the bits and scraps just became this graffiti to me that represented a bit of my life. I mean, there is some chunks of blocks from a Victoria Findley Wolfe class I took. Some bits of the very first Quilts for Kids quilt I made that was race car themed. There are favorite fabrics used by me and 5 other members all somewhere on this wall quilt. 

When the initials M + K sort of formed I knew it was supposed to be my wall representing my husband and I. 
Lots of scraps were used so that is another bonus. 
Well here is 8 of 2018 and it is done. I am sure it looks super crazy to anyone else but I love all the bits and scraps used. There are so many other quilts that I have made that have bits all mixed in here. 

 Scrappy binding too!

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Snowcatcher said…
Who could have thought so many different fabrics could form such a fun quilt! What a treasure!

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