Double Dash Pattern Release testing.......

Blossom Heart Quilts is releasing a new pattern on 8-13-19. It's Double Dash and it is a super fun quilt to make.  

I jumped at the chance to test the pattern thinking I would do a scrappy version. 

I was able to find several solids and a stack of low volumne to go with. I adore the colors of orange and pink and red. There is coral and raspberry too. 

 I jumped on the large 15" version and made enough for Queen size. 

I love how all the scraps worked together to make the lights and darks. 

Pretty soon it was huge!

I took the first pic out at the park near my house and tried to take some more but the weather never did cooperate until today. I was able to use a ladder and snap a few. 

Thanks to Alyce for creating a great design. I think she may be celebrating a birthday now too...Yay Celebrate!!
To buy her pattern click on the link at the top!


Kimberly said…
I love your colors!!!

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