National Quilting Day @home

My goal for National Quilting day this year, since the International Quilt Museum festivities here in Lincoln were cancelled, was to quilt this baby quilt. 
The blocks are leftovers from another quilt I made for this ones big brother. (I have a 2 week old great nephew to get to now) :)
It measures 53" x 53"
I did a diagonal crosshatch because the blocks and the borders I put on the corners made it sort of stretchy. 

I started marking the lines on Saturday morning with the hera marker. So easy to use and no messy marks to wash out. One of my favorite tools. 

It came out all nice and crinkly after the wash. Only a tiny bit of red came out on the color catcher and no bleed into all that white or other colors. 
Set with white vinegar rinse. 

If found this cute 'dream big' fabric with hot air balloons on for the back. 

Another bright spot in the icky looking landscape of my back yard. 

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