Time for Project Quilting 14.5 hosted by Kim over at Persimon Dreams.
This weeks theme is Sew NOT a square. 
In the spirit of me wanting to use my stash AND to make a crib size quilt each week I went with simple hexi design with some kid type bright fabrics I had. 

The colors and prints were so fun but often times I end up leaning toward more girlish colors and so I am thinking I should dig up some other colors and make another one. We will see. I had a busy week this week. I gave a talk this last Tuesday at my lcg. 

Yes I am a dork! I talk with my hands and just start talking. I can't seem to help it. 
So after that busy night I ended up with a huge sinus headache the next day but that left me to think about what I could make quickly for P.Q. 14.5

My mom left me some plastic templates for making tumblers and hexi quilts from Nancy Zieman. They are just simple plastic but they have 4 sizes each and it is super easy to cut and sew. 

42" x 48"
I used a simple serpentine stitch to quilt diamonds since there was to be NO squares in this baby. 
Oh and I used one whole piece in my stash with the backing and binding. Yay!

Go visit the other entries in the link above. 

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I have the same goal, to make a donation quilt from each challenge! I did a big hexagon play mat. It was fun. Love yours!
Hexi stash quilt for the win!! :o))

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