A scrappy QAYG = Diatom

Over the years I have experimented with QAYG quilts. I really love when you can make something from ALL the scraps. I used scrap fabrics, scrap batting  and use up thread colors in bobbins that I don't normally use up. 
( I actually like using up the bobbin threads from other machine too as I never have the color I need and never have empty bobbins so...?)
I ..........LOVE doing this!
All of it. I am so satisfied using up batting bits as my foundations. Strips, squares...they all work.

This block was a happy accident. I had no idea how it was going to come together and I made more blocks than I used so ya know...another quilt probably ...hahaha

Me trying to use the remote..haha
If you can't laugh at yourself..right?


I had this one done the day I did the quilt parade last week. 
HERE are the ones from last week

Speaking of using scraps, I asked a few guild members if they had batting strips they didn't know what to do with. 
I scored a few bags of scraps and worked yesterday to Franken - them together. 

I finished a quilt for a lady that just likes to make the tops.  When I sandwiched it I used some Franken batting. I have been trying to not only work through my stash but it feels good to help someone else. This Lent I have been making a huge effort. I have some tears in my knees that I am going to fix right after Easter so I want to keep this going as much as I can. I can't wait to show this later her finished quilt below today!

Love using up as much of fabric I can on backs too!

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Darlene said…
I really like your Diatom quilt. I am always looking for ways to use up those scraps and strings.
Carol Andrews said…
Diatom is absolutely stunning! What a perfect use of scraps. Looks like you had a great week last week and helping friends is always a joy. Hope you are having fun creating and stitching this week. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.
Kate said…
Diatom is just WOW! Congrats on all the progress on using up all kinds of sewing room scraps. Hopefully the knee surgeries will go well and you'll be back to stitching pretty quickly.
Wow! That Diatom quilt is fantastic!! Great use of scraps and strings! Thanks so much for linking up with Monday Musings!

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