New Blogger Hop and Project Quilting Challenge entry for 'Texture'

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Today I wanted to share my Project Quilt off-season entry for June - "Texture" hosted by Kim over at Persimon Dreams.   I really struggled with this until I looked through some old vacation pictures of our trip to Alaska.  Early one morning, my husband and I chose to go on an excursion on this little island. I am so bad at labeling vacation pictures so I am not even sure where we were. All I know is that it was so cool. This pic doesn't do it justice but.......picture this: It was very calm and quiet.  My husband and I walked by the waters edge around this little peninsula.  There was a bench situated so you could look out over the water. Directly behind that was a path that took you into a forest. 

 We walked in and it was like we were transported to another world almost like a film set. It was very calm and quiet but for birds once in a while or an occasional twig snapping.  My quilt is my interpretation of all that I saw when looking out through the trees and darkness. 

Project Quilting Challenge - Texture
11 x 17 1/2
3 small scrap quilts made with batt and backing then added to the foundation which also has batt and backing. Free motion quilting and some thread painting. The thread painting I used a zigzag free motion for the first time and I love the way it looks and feels. 
I have not named this one yet??

This was really outside my comfort zone and so so fun! All the prints are Kaffe Fassett pieces I had in my scrap drawer. I just love how they look like many things in this form. I admit to reading a couple of Jean Wells books. Very inspiring.  Okay tell me what you think? Oh and that was hard to photograph! I am trying. ;)


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