Oh What a Weekend?

Whew...first off my little panic is over. Something caused the 'insert' picture function not to work here on blogger.  I am not the sharpest when it comes to computer stuff so this had me stumped. Miraculously today it works.  Two days of sweating for nothing....almost. (more about that later)

Saturday I was invited to meet up with some of my local quilty gals to work on some blocks for the charity they picked.  The Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln NE.  Some of the girls came up with a simple block and because I can't sit and sew in a big time block (back issues) I worked at home off and on all week. For a few hours yesterday morning I went to join them and worked the ironing board for the sewers that came.  

Scraps turned into:

It reminded me so much of stained glass windows. I walked to the park and tried to take a pic with the sun behind. **still working on better pics. 
I now have the back sewn up and will be sandwiching that up this week and getting it done.

A charm pack of Honey Honey was found in a drawer and that soon became another pile ready to go. 

They turned out really cute and bright and 'sherbet' like. :)  I hope to get to them as soon as possible too. 

Right now I am taking it easy. I have had some health issues this month and it came out yesterday in a big 'itchy' way.  Hives! yuck and sweating makes this worse (reference  above).

That is just my knee down. They showed up just about everywhere. I hope i have figured it out and am laying low until I can fight this off. I already finished an entire book since last night and now off to watch the 5+ hours of Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice...yeah me!  

Tomorrow is going to be better!


Jen said…
Nice photo of the purple quilt! It does look like stained glass. I love the colors of the charm pack! I hope you will post a photo when it's all done.
Feel better soon! Hives are no fun at all.
Oooh, so pretty. It really does look like stain glass! Honey honey will look good too.

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