Two Down and progress!

Two Finishes today! 

This is my Creamsicle version of this 'block in a block' quilt. 
here is the Stained glass window version....
( My Stargazer lily wanted to be in this picture)
It was an overcast day...thunderstorms all night so the ground was wet. Sorry pics are kind of dark)

These were made for the Lincoln Child Advocacy center. My neighborhood quilting gals got together one Saturday this month to work on these quilt blocks. I was not able to sew there so I made these two at home. I did go to the sewing day and ironed for others. :)

I am so happy I was able to work on these and get some finish mojo going here!!!


Kelly Young said…
this is one of my very favorite patterns. it's so simple but shows off fabrics really well! very pretty! I think my favorite is the creamsicle!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation
Both quilts are gorgeous!
Cute quilts for a cause, perfection.
Very nice....I really like it in both colors! So nice to hear your are sewing for charity.
Jen said…
The creamsicle is so summery and fun! The purple really does look like stained glass. You are inspiring me to get my projects finished because you are just crankin em out! Awesome!

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