"The Other Side"

I have been reading some of the blogs about the "backside" of quilts. I am kind of proud of some of my backs now, but at the time I was making them I really didn't think too much about them. I am linking up with Katie at Swim, Bike, Quilt.

Here are a few of my backs that I think are kind of interesting. 

This is the back to the mini quilt in my header above. There was a lecture at our guild meeting about improv piecing to make your own fabric so I used some of my scraps from the front to make the stip of fabric on the back. Love it!

 This is the back of my Scrappy Lone Star, called Lucky Star blogged HERE.
 This is the back of my One Fish Two Fish quilt blogged HERE

 One block left over to make a nice accent block on the back blogged HERE

One of my favorite backs was because of the last collaboration of sewing/quilting with my Mom. We put together blocks for a Bournoigne Surrounded quilt. Her sewing was smaller than mine so her two finished blocks went on the back. blogged HERE

 Dresden Love -Ode to Mom
I guess I kind of like using odd sized blocks or left over blocks on the back. This one was bigger than the fronts...so it went to the back, blogged HERE.

This is the back of the Scrap Happy Time quilt I just finished last week. I used an orphan block that was hanging on my wall with some extra strings blogged HERE.

This one I am currently working on so stay tuned...  :)


Katie said…
Your work is so awesome! Love everything. (And good inspiration this morning because I have two backs to make).
Ella and Nesta said…
You have some really cool work there. I'm wondering what the other sides are like seeing as the backs are so brilliant!

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