Windy...and Like Rain

Yeah...two finishes this week! There is nothing like a finish to boost your spirits. 
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This is from Modern BOM 2 (for July...better late than never) by Sew Mama Sew HERE.
I stewed over this one and how to put it together and I ended up just loving it. I had so many odd shaped scraps that I just sewed them into the back to use some of them up and I think it looks like I did it on purpose...okay, let's go with that!

This is a super easy block quilt that my local quilt group did as a day project. We all helped and were able to make 11 quilt tops for charity. Then I did two from my own fabrics and I took this top to quilt. Turned out really cute. It was so windy when I took the picture that it stuck to the fence...a bit crooked but you get the idea. 
So happy to have it done and now onward to my stack of project to finish. 

I will be hooking up to A year of lovely finishes later this month. 


Jen said…
I love the blue diamond quilt! The back is really cool too. I might try a quilt with big blocks sometime. Seems like it could be a fast way to make a quilt!

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