Project Quilting #6 = Triangles

19 1/4" x 32"
Project Quilting Challenge entry #6 = Triangles

This week the challenge for Project Quilting #6 was Triangles. I wanted to give the flip and sew triangles that I learned in the Jacquie Gering class a couple weeks ago a try. This method made perfect use of the triangles as a focal point of this table runner. I called it Stardust because the shades of gray and taupe blend so well with the pop of the star blocks. I used some french themed fabric I had in my stash and added a few texture pieces and I think it will look great on any table. 
I did match-stick quilting with 4 shades of taupe to gray to cement thread. They actually add to the Stardust effect. 

For some reason the up close view with the finer lens made this look a little more blue gray and it is not. The match stick work looks good here though. 

Plain piece of dot fabric on back and bound by machine but finished by hand. (at 10:52 a.m. of deadline day!) :0
I place a triangle label in the corner since it was fitting to the theme. 

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QuiltieComments said…
Beautiful!!! Really elegant and subtle and modern and cool! Good job!
Jessica Hadden said…
Great texture and pattern here! Beautiful!
The whole project is wonderful, but that quilting leaves me speechless. Incredible!
PersimonDreams said…
This is so so so wonderful! i love everything about this!
MegsAnn said…
Very modern chic. Love the french fabric. Okay, I love everything about this... including that you learned something. The right thread does make all the difference.
Katie said…
Kris, I should have told you last night, but I LOVED this! The background greys all looked perfect together and the quilting is phenomenal... totally wanting to matchstick quilt everything today.
Kris -- love this piece. The design and quilting are just perfect. I need to give that matchstick a try!!
Beth said…
This is beautiful. Love the fabric choices and the matchstick quilting.

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