Serious Play time - Accuquilt

"Apple core quilt"
44 x 54
flannel pieced backing
curvy line quilting


Recently went to visit the Accuquilt facility near by with a group of quilty friends. The lovely Tammy Miller gave a tour and currently on exhibit were a few of Eleanor Burns quilts. If you are a quilter you know Eleanor Burns and her Quilts in a Day Series. The sign outside the Accuquilt gallery says "Quilts in Half a Day" with Accuquilt of course. Cracked me up a bit. ;)

Inside the studio we were allowed to play with the Studio, Go and Baby cutter. I wanted to try something I knew I didn't want to spend time cutting out. In less than thirty minutes I cut out 80 apple cores. If you have an Accuquilt cutter then you probably know how accurate they are.  Once you fan fold your fabrics (I used some fat quarters, some half yards and yardage fabrics) making sure the grain is going the right way, then you just roll it through and let me just is practically miraculous.  All pieces are straight of grain and perfectly cut and even have a little dart marking the centers of all the sides. 

I put plenty of florals in there but it still looked more halloweenie than I wanted. I am sure someone will snuggle up with this little quilt no matter. 

My participation in this little project makes me think that you could indeed make a quilt in a half of a day!!! This was some serious play time and quick finished quilt turn-around in a couple of days.

Now my next project should be....what to do with these?

This is a bit of the fallout scraps from the apple cores. Perhaps a bit of petal play applique is in store for these?

Overall, I think the Accuquilt cutters are the bomb. I can see groups using them to cut shapes, to chain piece, to make tons of charity quilts quickly. 

Our groups fun day photos can be seen on the Accuquilt FB page HERE


Petal applique was the first thing that came to mind when I saw your leftovers...sounds like a fun adventure was had with quilty friends. :)
Lorna McMahon said…
Gorgeous! Stupendous! I love those curves! Really impressed with this finish, Kris. Well done. It sounds like you really had fun!
Jen said…
You have been cranking out the quilts lately! Awesome! That machine seems like the way to go to make quilts quickly.
AccuQuilt said…
So impressed with your super fast finish Kris! Can't wait to see what you make with the Apple Core scraps...

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