Labels yes or no?

   Do you make special coordinated labels for on your quilts?  any kind of label????  

When I first started back into quilting I was making little tabs and writing info about the quilt on them sometimes. I usually always put the year it was finished on. Then I got kind of lazy and now I have quilts I don't have labeled....not even a hand written date. sigh.....

So not much sewing going on here of late but I was just working on the back of my Micheal Miller pastel challenge and made some scraps into a label of a sort that I think will work. I will probably still hand write on it but at least it will have a permanent label.

I think in the new year I am going to invest in some logo type labels that I can sew in the seams of my pieces. For now I am going to try to make scrappy labels before I forget about them. Best laid plans.....

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sarah Goer said…
I make these labels. They really are quick and easy like Kelly says!
Shauna said…
I do a triangle label that I sew in with the binding. I hate hand sewing and these work great. I found it on pinterest, and it is really easy, you can hand write them or print them with you computer.
I don't label either...maybe I should get some premade too!!!! (Nice stocking stuffer idea!)

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