ALYoF Jan and Finish it Friday

Two words about this photo shoot...Windy and Weeds!  Dry sticks actually. I clomped through some pretty sketch areas but really it was an excuse to enjoy the superb weather that day. I was not going to try to shoot this quilt out of doors but 58 degrees called to me. :)
So my January A Lovely Year of Finishes = The Bead quilt. I think I am going to call it paper beads. It reminds me of the magazine print roll up beads I used to make as a kid.
A Lovely Year of Finishes
The more I walked the cooler the areas there were to explore. 
Back from my walk...see the crinkly goodness? This is a simple wavy line quilting that I thought would sort of add to the abacus spinning on the bars. Eh, not sure if it worked but I like how crunchy it is.

Urban Abacus Quilt Pattern from SewKindofWonderful  using the Quick Curve Ruler
Size = 50 x 60 approx.
pieced and quilted with Aurifil 2600 my fav
Wavy stitch on my sewing machine used for quilting
All scraps and stash except for the mint green which is Matrix (love)

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Beth said…
This is so pretty!
What a pretty quilt. I love these colors and fabrics
Snowcatcher said…
What a great color scheme and pattern! Had not seen this design before, and you've made it very attractive!
Leanne Parsons said…
I remember making those paper beads too! Your quilt does resemble them. You did a beautiful job with it. Thanks for linking with TGIFF!
RobinSue said…
The quilt is beautiful! I love the serpentine stitching. It really crinkles the quilt to be soft and cuddly. I'm tempted to try the QCR after seeing your quilt.
This is a beautiful quilt. I like how you pieced your binding while matching up a piece of the mint green binding with the mint green strip on the backside.
Lisa J. said…
I love your quilt and your photo shoot. The quilting works really well.
LynCC said…
Hey! Super fabulous finish. I love this pattern, and yours turned out so pretty.
Jen said…
The weather was so nice the other day wasn't it? I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. I just love the color and design of this quilt! Your photos are cool too!

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