Friday Finish -Scraps Win!

Scraps Scraps and more Scraps! They never end. I used scrap fabric, scrap bits of batting, scrap bits of leftover binding.  Does my scrap pile look, No!  :) Still this finish makes me happy.  I am calling this one "Happiness". It measures in at 53" x 63".   I did the QAYG string method and then glue basted the blocks together and put the binding on. So simple and fun. 

I started these blocks as part of a glue-baste technique demo at two of my guilds. I love how simple it is but truly effective. I love how you quilt it and the backing is done the front is done're done! Very satisfying way to make a quilt quickly. 

This shed is on my walking path and I finally stopped and as if I could use it for a quilt sometime and this quilt was perfect. 

Can you tell I loved taking pictures there? This little quilt is probably going to be donated soon since the temps at night are dropping here.

The backing was 3 pieces of fabric I had from my days of working at hobby lobby many moons ago. I love this mod combo!

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Jen said…
Kristie, your quilts and photos are totally awesome! Hooray for finishing this quilt, I really love it. I was just going through my scrap box thinking, hmmm, I should make these into some blocks. The scraps really are never ending.
Great string quilt! I love scrappy strings, too. Kat @
Great string quilt! I love scrappy strings, too. Kat @
Nicole said…
Yay for scrappy finishes! Yours is great.
Ooooo! That blue is so pretty in that string quilt. I love string quilts too. Very nice quilts and photos.
Grantham Lynn said…
Nice. Love it hanging on the barn.
Debbie said…
This is lovely, and I adore your photoshoot!
barbara woods said…
i cant say i have started a string quilt but i made 3 blocks, love yours
Love your scrappy quilt :-)
Cut&Alter said…
Your quilts and location for photos are stunning! I have never made a string quilt yet but this has really inspired me - beautiful!

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