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My lovely niece Lisa made this fabulous scene. The tall white tree was cut with her Cricut machine. So were the framed picture and the tiny bits that make up those cool balls. These are all so wonderful. Like a wonderland!  I like to think I am creative with my quilting but this was all another level that i just had to share. 

Also recently my last post was on the test quilt "Eternal Moment' That I did for Simone Quilts. Read about it HERE 
Her pattern is in the last issue of Make Modern Magazine. I thought I would post that the magazine used my test quilt in their newsletter! Here is my screen shot:

Then recently my friend Sheila used one of my quilts for her Mid Century Modern Doll class teaching her young students about the 50's in her Doll and me classes. (American Doll series she does at the International Quilt Museum her in Lincoln )
Seriously cute stuff. My quilt is the upper Left. It is Mod Olive pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful. Love the quick curve ruler and the colors and fabric were from a midcentury modern collection.  Right quilts were made by friend Nancy and the table quilt made by Sheila. 
Always fun things at the IQM so if you are in the area of Lincoln Ne you should stop in. 

So............I have not been doing much quilting since November. I discovered that I have an issue with my eye/brain connection that causes me to have vertigo very frequently. When I don't have vertigo I often misjudge open spaces visually and walk into something or feel like I don't know where my body is in space. Crazy times to say the least. I am in some eye therapy right now and hope to get this all corrected. On the days I have felt like standing I was able to do a few things. 
I have a new great nephew on the way so I made some flannel receiving blankets and burp cloths. 

I made a tutorial on how I made the Double Flannel Receiving Blankets
I got out my serger and made a couple of rolled edge single baby swaddlers and burp and wash cloths. Made me feel so great to use some of my stash of fabrics not to mention sewing something. 


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