MQG remake challenge -Strength and Beauty

"Strength and Beauty" is my MQG remake from the September 2014 "Chess on the Steps" quilt made by Krista Hennebury of Poppyprints Blog
50"x 50" 
organic crosshatch quilting in capri blue on the front

Her version:

So as I mentioned in my previous post that I have been having an issue with my eye/brain connection causing me to have vertigo 24/7 some weeks.  So little or nothing in the way of creativity has been happening. When I had a moment that I could stand I wanted to jump into something good. Krista has a fun method for making improv units she calls improv under the influence piecing technique. Her quilt was on my bucket list to make one day and then suddenly the MQG came up with a challenge to remake some of the free quilt patterns they have featured over the years. 

Believe it or not but I had most of the colors already in my stash and ready to go. I had to locate two of the blues but the rest were ready to go. I took this for a sign for me to make this quilt. 
The color palette the MQG chose was Bella Nautical, dusk, mustard, natural, petunia, capri and violet. I use all but the violet. 
Because this quilt needed variety to make the warm and cool sides flush out I added in some shades and tints of the original colors. 

I think the Petunia and the mustard were a good mix. 

I used my ruler as a design board to move a bunch of improv slices to and from my machine. 

Within no time at all the quilt top was finished. 

She sort of sparkles! :)

Leftover piano keys on the back. Found this lovely piece of Story in Petunia for the backing in my stash. 

Organic Cross hatch lines for the quilting. 

So if you notice my center block has a tiny pink crack going through it. Call me too emotional but I felt when I started making this that it needed to represent where I am right now. I might have a struggle going on with my eyes right now, a little crack in my creative journey if you will.  From the crack I was able to build the steps with strength and beauty is the result. 

Maybe this will get accepted to the MQG remake series (#mqgmodernclassic) but even if it doesn't it is a huge part of my current healing journey. 

Image result for poem of strength and beauty

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It’s a great design, I like how you added the narrow strip to reflect yourself and your journey, it tells your story. I really like this petunia and yellows, great colour combination. I hope your vertigo improves, I can’t give you any tips on living with vertigo, but after living with a health issue for a while my tip would be when your quilting time is short and sporadic, only sew what you love and enjoy, sewing anything else is a waste of time and energy. Happy sewing.
Debbie said…
This turned out so gorgeous!! Glad it provided just a little healing for you.
It’s a unique design.nice skill!

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