Monday, September 15, 2014

Friendship Blocks in September

Late Night Quilter Time again for the SuperNova Friendship block swap.  Jennifer from Jennifer under the juniper tree is my partner in design, color design that is. We are mixing up some shades of rainbow colors to complete our Friendship blocks.  This month Jen did a hot green and I did a blue.

This month the Friendship Block exchange question was a tough one.   Jen and I both talked about this topic and realized it was too hard to share out there in the blog land. Here is the subject up for discussion and see what you think:

"Forgiveness is an integral part of any healthy relationship. What does forgives mean to you? Share with your partner an example of a time you had to forgive someone — or someone had to forgive you — and how it strengthened the relationship."

In a general way I believe forgiveness means that you are ready to move on and there are no regrets, grudges, or contempt. That it is all behind you and you can carry on with your life.  What comes to mind is "easier said than done". What about you?

Jen and I got together for a fun Quilty night. We went to the first Friday talk at the Internation Quilt Study Center and Museum  featuring none other than Luke Haynes.  What fun we had!

Jen is on the L and I am on the R with Luke Haynes.  Cheese!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIP Wed -where does time go?

I dug through my stash and found some pieces that sort of go together with my new block. I really like how they came together. Now I am deciding if I should piece in a cornerstone or not. hmm???
Time seems to be flying by and not much sewing happening.  So keep on keepin' on. ;)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP catch up and fun!

 First up, a totally fun block I was dying to try out.  I love love love this. I have been cleaning out (more purging going on) some of my magazines that I have inherited lately. My guild is having a library book sale and magazine drive to raise money for new books.  I have been cleaning out their library and my stacks of magazines. I was marking things I wanted to try. Found this block and no matter that my design wall is 3 WIP pieces deep....I had to try this one.  FUN! Not sure what I am going to do with it yet and I am using some stash fabrics again for my PURGE Challenge so winner winner chicken dinner! :)


Next, isn't it obvious that I worked so fast to catch up on my leader and ender quilt project that my photo is blurry? That is my story and I am sticking to it plus the fact that I had to stand on a rolling chair to get out of the overhead light since it was taken around 6 a.m.   ha
This is my shoebox project of trying to use up all my tiny binding end scraps. Also a Purge project.

Purge buttonAbout PURGE Stitched in Color
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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Day late but ALYoF for Sept is the plan!

A day late to finish my goal for August ALYoF but it is finished now none the less.  It took me all month to work up the strength (not felt the best) to tackle doing a swirl FMQing design of some sort on this quilt. I figured since it was a scrap stash quilt why not? Many hours of breaking thread and neck ache but it is not too bad for my first time.

You can really see all of the quilting on the red part on the back.
The swirls are not so bad but the traveling part I rarely met up with an already quilted line. I think it is because I can not see that great. I have to quilt without my glasses so I can get close but I can't see around the darning foot. I need more practice no doubt about it!
A finish a day late. Oh well.   54" x 60" approx. Scrappy stash fabrics and boat block from the SewCanShe BOM from July.

Onward to a new month and a new project to finish.

For September I am going to try to tackle the backing and quilting of the Mod Olive Quilt I did in a recent QAL.

It has been folded up but the scraps and fabric for the back are sitting on my work table so it is a must finish or lose the fabrics I am holding onto for this backing.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

"So Blue" at Memorial Gardens

I am really excited to be included in the Around the World Blog Hop today. I was nominated by Melissa over at SewBitterSweetDesigns. I have been following Melissa each month for A lovely year of Finishes for a long time.  Most recently I tested a pattern for a Flowering Lonestar that is Melissa's design. That was my first time testing so this was really fun.
Flowering Lonestar

Okay to start off my post I am just going to mention a little bit about myself. I have been around quilting and quilters all my life it seems. I started out sewing clothing and crafts when I was little. My first outfit, a pink slub double knit outfit, bellbottom elastic waist pants and matching jacket vest was super stylin' if you know what I mean!! Doll clothes followed and some embroidery and crochet projects. My first quilt was drafted from a magazine picture when I was in high school.  Called "Sunshine and Shadow", an Amish trip around the world. It was made with a cardboard template and I drew around each square and cut them out by hand.

I took my first sewing machine to college with me and made many of my own clothes including jeans, coats and my own wedding dress.  Over the years I made a few quilts for Project Linus and some other charities and my mom quilted them for me by hand. Since she passed, I have been quilting my own quilts by machine. (or trying to learn fmqing I should say)
What I am working on now:
I currently like to participate in online BOMs and various quilt challenges. Sometimes these lead to fun blocks that I make up into charity quilts.  Right now I am working on some boat blocks that I think will make up into 4 cute charity quilts.  Making this many quilts will hopefully help me in my fmqing quest to improve my skills, I hope! I am following Elven Garden Quilts: a free motion quilt along here 
How does my work differ from others in this genre:
I am not sure that my work does differ. Everyday is an experiment. I want to make so many projects that I see and on the other hand I want to work on designs swirling around in my head. I am not sure where this journey is going yet so I look forward to where it takes me.
Why do I create what I do:
I just love the process of making and doing. I am not sure I know which direction that is in yet. I dabble.  I don't buy large quantities of fabric because I found that if I run out of something I have to get really creative and often something new emerges.
How does my creative process works:
No big surprise here. Sometimes I have a plan and sometimes things just happen. I usually have something on my design wall and often I have to leave it to stew there and work on other things until the rest of the idea comes.
"So Blue" as I was working on it HERE
Most often I sign up to do a challenge and that leads me in all directions.  Sometimes there are swaps, BOM's  or Quilt-a-longs that get me going  and trying new things.
SuperNova Friendship swap (more about this swap here)
Various challenge projects
QAYG quilt along
Next up I am sending you off to meet 3 very creative people. Be sure to check out their blogs. I really think you will enjoy going around the world to visit the US midwest, the UK and Canada  today.
First is Carla from Creatin In The Sticks. I know Carla from numerous challenge quilt projects. She always comes up with such creative and  fun ideas.
Then off to see Wendy over at The Crafters ApprenticeWendy is super talented in many  crafty ways. Be sure to check out her "Black work" it is something to see.
And  jog on over to visit Carole at Fresh off the Frame. Carole is also very talented in various mediums. I especially love her self portrait piece.
I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and the three talented artists I have linked with today.  Thanks for stopping by. 



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP is a little fishy?

I had to take a break from my boating adventures to peer under the sea. I saw this adorable shark pencil case by Becky over at PatchworkPosse.  I thought I would adjust it a bit to make it a little more girly and used snaps for the closure instead of the shark teeth zipper she used.  I think it turned out super cute. I used scraps and batting scraps and quilted it up instead of interfacing which is probably why it turned out a bit smaller than I thought. All in all I love it and I think my great niece will love it for her birthday next week. :)

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

SuperNova Friendship and BOM

Time for the SuperNova Friendship block swap hosted by Stephanie and Sandra here. My new friend Jen from Jenniferunderthejunipertree and I met up at the local fabric store and swapped our blocks. This is so funny that each time we tend to do something similar with our blocks. We both put contrasting color for this months block in the same place. So cool.  I think we were meant to be friends and not just because of that! Mine is the yellow/gold/purple and Jens is the  pink an chartreuse.

Late Night Quilter
This months topic for the swap is about childhood summer memories.  Jen and I shared some favorite summer time activities that we did when we were kids. Since we both lived in rural areas we have some similarities like making forts in the field or in the hay loft. We liked to play by ourselves or with siblings or cousins. Long lazy summers days stretched out before us with adventures to be had. Hop on over to Jen's blog to find out more about her summer memories.

My cousin loved to act out themes from Star Trek and Tom Sawyer.  I have to say that when Jen mentioned in a previous swap that she loved The Big Bang Theory I had to check it out and have been spending this summer watching the first 5 seasons and loving it!  I think my cousin Jay (no longer with us) would have loved this show too.  Especially one of last nights episodes where Spock kept appearing in Sheldon's dreams tempting him to do something logical!! :)

Anyway here we are so far:

Looking good!!!

I started working on the latest BOM of SewCanShe here. This months classic block is the Variable Star.  Can you say L-O-V-E?

I decided to do 6, 12, 24, and then why not...48 even though  I was using up fabric from my stash.  Of course I didn't have enough to do the corners so I made up a few more Star blocks and this is how it turned out.

So So Fun!!!!  I can tell my one star is same volume so it is hard to see in the shot but in person it looks pretty good. I am not sure how I will quilt this one up but another top done and I love the star in a star in a star in a star surrounded by stars!!! whew!