Sunday, August 21, 2016

On the side

A week ago while at the county fair a small group of lovely ladies gathered to sew on some quilts for Lincoln Quilts for Kids. The vintage look fabrics were donated to this organization to make some sweet quilts.  I thought it would be fun to do a scrappy trip quilt using Bonnie Hunters Tutorial.  

Part of the fun of working on a quilt at the fair or anywhere out in the community is to see the wonder in the eyes of the children who come up and watch you sew. The interest in their eyes gives me faith that the art of quilting will keep passing on.  It was really a fun experience. 

I found the whole experience so rewarding and fitting as I am co-chair on a lqg challenge for their show this year. The theme of the show is "Celebrate Community".  I truly believe that each of us with the love of sewing and the love of quilting should share what we know and do at every opportunity.  Part of being in this lovely world of the quilting community is supporting and helping where we live. 

How do you "Celebrate community" where you live?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Crosscut n more

approx 30" x 30"
I have been super busy with county fairs and have a few other irons in the fire so.....did not have much of a chance to get a great pic of my crosscut quilt. This is from the crosscut quilt along by Debbie at A quilter's table on IG.  I decided to post my pic anyway. 

I made the light background blocks and decided to add a frame of the opposite and i really love it. (that is the more)  Wish my quilting was up to par. 

Oh and i tried to quilt up the binding. 
before quilting

I did sort of a scribble on the binding with different colored threads. 

Such a fun project so shout out to Debbie!!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Patchwork in the Park

Deconstructed Windmill quilt from the Modern Patchwork magazine by Gosnia click HERE  Notice I tried to recreate her park bench photo shoot. :)

I love the colors in this one.  I used an Ikea backing and it was pretty thick but I love it so much. I did have trouble quilting as the top wanted to pucker up. I had it pin basted but then gave up and tore out the quilting and then tried glue baste but it did the same thing. 
So it is done but I am not so happy with it. I thought by now my quilting would be smooth and straight. Still not happening. Below is my crosscut from the week long IG quilt along by Debbie at A Quilter's Table

I am working on the quilting right now but that is giving me some fits too. I will keep at it.....sigh

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Finish it up friday a video, a fox and teamwork

A couple of years ago I made "So Blue" a portrait of my mother. On the National Quilting day this year I signed up to video my quilt with the Quilt Alliance. Click on So Blue to hear my story...makes me cry every time! 

Practicing some freemotion quilting on this wholecloth quilt just in time for the Lincoln Quilts for Kids sew day tomorrow. 

Practice Practice practice.........and more practice needed!!!!

Earlier in the week I met up with some gals from our lqg and we worked on finishing two quilts made from the blocks our guild members donated for PULSE.  

Jennifer sewed it together, Sarah quilted it and I sewed on the binding. 

Jennifer helped me lay this one out and I sewed and quilted it at home and then put the binding on that day. We worked in a fun little shop called Crafthouse in my area. 

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Doing my thing, MIA and WIP

Helloooo Hellooooo anyone still there?  It has been so long. I have been mia but working on various projects. Some not worthy of pics like my husbands work truck seat cover, though made from upcycled jeans, not photo worthy!  I have been working on various quilt blocks for some group projects in some of my guilds. 

HST for some diamond blocks that will be made into an opportunity quilt for one of my guilds.  The hst's were super fun to make.  I also worked on some  heart blocks for PULSE in Orlando. Both Modern guilds I am in were making some.  The left over hst's that fell off the heart went into the diamond block above. I could not help but play with the tiny hst's that fell off too.....a mini diamond!!!! love it so much. 

I took a pic of a stack of various sized squares I cut from a big back of scraps donated to me of flannel. 

I took a pic because the stacks were high (can't see that from this angle now can you?) silly. Anyway this was back breaking and took much of a day. I have piles of strips and piles of smaller rectangles that fell out of the various square sizes. All ready for something???

Then had some fun time.  Libs Elliot came to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum to see her quilts that are on display right now. So fun. Loved meeting her and seeing her fun quilts.  

Then next was Weight of Love class time for my other guild. Libs was so fun and we had a very productive day. 

Showing us her techniques.  She had a cool experience staying on a goat farm in a tiny house while here. I told her that when she goes back to Canada to not say we made her stay with goats but it can truly be a unique experience when you come to Nebraska so sure, spread the word. 

My progress on Weight of Love. This quilt is so fun to make and I put a lot of thought and collecting time into these fabrics. This is a love story and will share more when I get going on it.  Takes me about 30 minutes to sew a row on. Hope to get faster but I have only a few left. 

So that is some of what has been going on. OH My Hello Kitty  baby quilt is going to Quilts for Kids. We had a bit of a challenge lately to get those panel pieces out and get them finished. I just simply added borders and quilted it free flowing organic lines. So simple but cute.  

Oh and I made a simple nightie for myself out of some old knit fabric from my stash. Not worthy of a pic but I will just say my old one was in tatters. :(

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dreaming of Colin Firth

A different kind of quilt challenge from a gal in my lqg this week. Urban Detritus  is her website where she is holding a Mood Lighting challenge featuring the FatBoy lamp.  I decided to get in the mood and try this challenge. I am not sure if I followed the rules totally but I did have fun!  

Yes, I am a huge Colin Firth fan from the A & E version of the classic book "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.  I embellished my mood lighting with a little love charm of Colin himself. I added the lace fabric and the specially printed "Spoonflower" purchased P and P fabric with some boa trim too. I just sort of had too much fun but oh well.   

The challenge ends tonight at midnight so I was entered in time.  All in all this was a super fun project. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tribal Lands

Tribal Lands - 36 x 36"

So ........I had to come up with something for the Riley Blake Sashing Stash fabric since I signed up for it through the Modern Quilt Guild and then when it came I gave it to another member. So thinking about it I went to lqs and bought a bit of it. Then what to do..?  I had to go online and order some RB fabric solids since I could not find any local. So with all that effort you would think I had some idea of what I was going to do. That would be a big fat..NO! ha

Just looking at the multi sashing stash I kept thinking it felt Seminole like. I started using just bits to create a landscape. Plots of lands, trees, craggy pieces for rocks and off in the distance some mountains.  In the forefront I was going for rich dark earth being sectioned off and farmed and a valley with waterfall. Way off in the distance the flying geese. The best part for me was doing the diagonal quilting. I used clear thread on top.  I liked the lines and finished it with a facing instead of binding. Finished size is just at 36" x 36". 

This quilt was put together by just cutting strips and piecing. I really didn't measure much just sewed and cut to fit whatever feel.  I do wonder if it is a good entry for the challenge as many did abstract pieces or used their sashing stash as a print fabric and just cut it up.  I think now that it is done I just like it for what it is. 

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