Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tide Pools - a challenge finish

A little bit of improv in my life lately! This is my finish for my guild challenge. A few months ago our new guild decided to try a challenge. We are in the process of making a guild banner and the "grunge" fabric used in the banner were thrown in a bag and we each picked two and had to make something. My color was blue green, and green blue...really pretty but together??  I thought about it for a few months. I kept thinking sea glass and water and then a friend posted an old picture of her and her husband looking at tide pools and I started piecing fabrics together. We could add in one neutral so I added in a wet sand color.

No tide pools in this city but that didn't stop me from searching out some water. :)  Wavy line quilting over all helped with the watery look.
The back is all the scrappy bits leftover from the scraps I used on the front!

I really like how this came together. I love all the bits and fitting the curves in and adding splashes of color and contrast. Probably not perfect but I so loved doing it.

"Tide Pools"
33 x 37
Improv piecing
stash fabric and scraps
Aurifil used for quilting in 3 shades of beige
Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild 1st Challenge - Banner color inspiration challenge
We drew a random number for the winner out of the 7 1/2 entries we received and the winner received several prizes that related to color. One thing I made was an Ipad holder from paint can lid fabric.
It turned out so cute I had to share. I used the tutorial from Factotum of Arts tutorial but made it bigger. So so Cute!!!
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

PQ - 12 Hearts or Mickey Mousing Around?

This is my quilt for the PersimonDreams "Have a Heart" Challenge.  Season 6 project 4 already!  We had to include 12 hearts. Well...I am not a huge heart fan and I know there are lots of ways to do them out there. I wanted to improv some somehow. I came up with these.

Not all hearts have to be rounded...right? Okay so these look a bit like Mickey Mouse especially with this dotted fabric.  Fine with me!!
I quilted all around but only quilted V's in the heart blocks. I thought it would make it puffy and fun but it makes it even more like Mickey Mouse! haha

No matter how you show it...indoors or out  in the snow it still looks like 12 Mickey ears. :)  I had this cool variegated bubble fabric from Clothworks in my stash so I used that for the back.  The gray on the front is a cross hatch gray that I love but not sure where I picked that up from. It was also in my stash.
I started out with a stack of dotty FQ's by Amy Butler and some solid FQ's (not sure of this collection but they are super soft and tightly woven) that were all in my stash. I wanted to make this a duo challenge for Project Quilting and Sew My Stash challenge with Project Leasawhich is to sew your precuts this time.
12 Hearts or Mickey Mousing around measures 42 x 52 with wavy line quilting using Aurifil thread. I used a poly batting and that gave me lots of trouble. I love my cotton but I wanted to use all stash for this baby.  
I wish I could have used up more. I could easily make about 5 more of these baby blankets!!! (Picture the V-8 commercial head bop right here) Why do we stash so much fabric???
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wed - improv

Okay I admit that might be a long shot. In my mind this looks like a heart but to my husband...nada! So this is a block that I am using for a challenge that requires hearts. I wanted to do something improvish so I have been messing with these dots and solids to come up with something fun and new for me.

Do you think it looks like a heart?  Some of my blocks are a bit more squared so not as obvious but still I was so happy with my progress until I asked my husband!! :P

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SuperNova Friendship swap - Finish ALYoF

I can't help it ...this quilt makes me smile!  My swap partner Jenn Jennifer under the Juniper Tree (her post on her version is up so go check it out) and I finished our quilts. We made them big and bright and scrappy and they are finished. Did I say that already??? Both of us finished! Okay, enough.


The swap was the brainchild of Stephanie from Late Night Quilter and Sandra from One Million Stitches. The challenge swap ends Feb 14 and Lee Heinrich herself from Freshly PIeced and the designer of the SuperNova will be the judge.

Now more pics:

There is a little up close view of the straight line grid quilting using aurifil in 2600 again!

Lastly I leave you with this picture (dig the sun going down sprinkling light on the blocks!!!) of my SuperNova with a factory in the back ground and little note from the NASA website as to
 "What is a SuperNova"? A supernova is the explosion of a star. It is the largest explosion that takes place in space

"Where do SuperNovas take place"? Supernovas are often seen in other galaxies. But supernovas are difficult to see in our own Milky Way galaxy because dust blocks our view. In 1604, Johannes Kepler discovered the last observed supernova in the Milky Way. NASA’s Chandra telescope discovered the remains of a more recent supernova. It exploded in the Milky Way more than a hundred years ago.

Learn something new everyday! :) I will be linking up with the flickr group for the SuperNova Swap Finishes soon.
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Project Quilting season 6 - #3 = Trellis

PQ challenge 3 this time is Orphan block or UFO and make something unintended from them.  I don't think I did exactly that this round. The lattice blocks were part of a white elephant swap back in Dec. with my guild.  I decided to mash that with some fun petal scrappy blocks and ended up with

She is 41" x 48"
Orphan block strips and my appliqued petal blocks
Some straight line quilting some wavy. Scrappy binding.
I think some child will like this bright little quilt.

I received two chunks of finished blocks. They were sewn together but differently and I really wanted to make them work together. I stopped in and visited with some of the members of a small sewing group and asked for advice how to make this up.  I came away with an idea to use the blocks separately and make two quilts with them. So I let that stew in my mind and went about my other work until this challenge.   I found tons of orphan blocks that I could have used for this challenge but I wanted to get something done with these blocks since they are not exactly mine. :)

I found I have stacks of petals from another quilt I made using the Accuquilt applecore die.  I thought I could make this work.  ** Bonus: the petal shape is a BOM over at SewCanShe Classic Blocks so I had that in mind when trying to mesh these ideas together.

I thought it was pretty smart of me to include the classic bom on the back.  I had so many other ideas for this great challenge. I was taking pics of lots of orphans but I could not decide on any. Then while scooping snow on Wed I strained my back and ended up thinking I was not going to be able to do this challenge.  I kept thinking on it and decided to give this a go since I had a chunk of blocks already made. I hope this still qualifies.  If not I am happy for a finish.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

ALYoFinishes Feb goal - SuperNova Friendship quilt

 For my Feb goal I want to get this quilt backing made and this SuperNova Friendship block quilt quilted. This is the the quilt I made with friend Jennifer. I think the extension date is mid Feb so I have to get a move on. I think Jennifer is going to have her finished this weekend.

We are doing this qal through HERE rsz_1friendship_button_small FINAL
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Finish Friday - Boat block 2/4

 My second boat block put into a scrappy quilt....two down and two to go! I love making the scrappy quilt, scrappy backing and scrappy binding! I worked on this for a local charity the Lincoln Chapter of Quilts for Kids. I started the top while having a fun sew day at the International Quilt Study Center Museum.

Finished size 41" x 52" approx.
All scraps from my stash

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