Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dreaming of Colin Firth

A different kind of quilt challenge from a gal in my lqg this week. Urban Detritus  is her website where she is holding a Mood Lighting challenge featuring the FatBoy lamp.  I decided to get in the mood and try this challenge. I am not sure if I followed the rules totally but I did have fun!  

Yes, I am a huge Colin Firth fan from the A & E version of the classic book "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.  I embellished my mood lighting with a little love charm of Colin himself. I added the lace fabric and the specially printed "Spoonflower" purchased P and P fabric with some boa trim too. I just sort of had too much fun but oh well.   

The challenge ends tonight at midnight so I was entered in time.  All in all this was a super fun project. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tribal Lands

Tribal Lands - 36 x 36"

So ........I had to come up with something for the Riley Blake Sashing Stash fabric since I signed up for it through the Modern Quilt Guild and then when it came I gave it to another member. So thinking about it I went to lqs and bought a bit of it. Then what to do..?  I had to go online and order some RB fabric solids since I could not find any local. So with all that effort you would think I had some idea of what I was going to do. That would be a big fat..NO! ha

Just looking at the multi sashing stash I kept thinking it felt Seminole like. I started using just bits to create a landscape. Plots of lands, trees, craggy pieces for rocks and off in the distance some mountains.  In the forefront I was going for rich dark earth being sectioned off and farmed and a valley with waterfall. Way off in the distance the flying geese. The best part for me was doing the diagonal quilting. I used clear thread on top.  I liked the lines and finished it with a facing instead of binding. Finished size is just at 36" x 36". 

This quilt was put together by just cutting strips and piecing. I really didn't measure much just sewed and cut to fit whatever feel.  I do wonder if it is a good entry for the challenge as many did abstract pieces or used their sashing stash as a print fabric and just cut it up.  I think now that it is done I just like it for what it is. 

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Daisy Panel for a Little Girl

approx. 38 x 45
Straight line quilted

This panel was in my stash for .....years! My local chapter of Lincoln Quilts for Kids decided for a little fun challenge this month to use up a panel you had. I found this and could not even cut it up it was so cute.  Decided to just frame it out with some flower and lady bug fabric. 

Stash fabric for the back too. I should go back and see just how many quilts I have made this year from my stash only!!
If you would like more information about Lincoln Quilts for Kids check HERE.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Round Robin -Hole in the Barn Door

 Last weekend some of my modern lqg members met up and had a bit of a sew in.  Friday night we set up and did work a bit on some group projects and then Saturday we did the Round Robin score from Sherri Lynn Woods book.  This is the second Round Robin I have participated in but the first one that I finished.  I kept it pretty small at approximately 28" x 32". 
 I started the piece by making a "hole in the barn door" block but I didn't use a ruler. From there I framed it a bit with some other pieces from my curated collection.   After 30 minutes we passed all our fabric and piece to the next person.  We kept one piece of our own fabric and used it as our signature piece to use in each of the other participants quilts.  We had a huge group so that meant lots of unusual fabrics in our palette. 

These were the pieces. We ran out of time so I had a bit of all of these in my quilt but one. 
I worked on this when I got home and tried to constructively size this down and give it a bit more balance. I ended up trimming some of the ruffly edges off and some of the bigger pieces down to size so they ended up on the back. 

Simple spiral quilting seemed to fit the Hole in the Barn Door theme.  It was a fun project to do with others and I highly recommend trying it. Improv sewing can be so freeing even if it is with someone else's fabric. 

The sun was so bright so the colors look a bit washed out but still I think it turned out pretty well. 

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Little Boy Blue

 Quickly finished the crib top I put together last Saturday SewDay for Lincoln Quilts for Kids. I made a girly quilt last week and this week decided to use some of my more boyish stash to make this little boy blue quilt.  The pattern is their Streak of Sunshine pattern and is so quick to make.  I just did some simple straight-line quilting. All fabrics in my stash from quilt a while ago. 
 Used up the rest of the two prints on the back.  So simple and so quick and I hope it is loved by some baby boy. 

Have you ever dug in your fabric stash and found all the makings for a quilt AND the receipt?? Oh gosh when I pulled out the fabrics for this boy quilt I found a bag of girly things for another quilt.....and the receipt, faded and I can't read the date but I think it has been quite a while. We will see if I can get that one together just as quickly.   My sister used to say she was "lightening her load" when she got rid of things and I think that can be true of making things from our stashes.  Also it fills up your heart when someone gets a handmade quilt to cuddle with and love. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Scrap Bustin'

Scrap Bustin' is one of my finishes so far this week. 
50 x 58 approx.
My scrap drawers are full of strings and crumbs but I also found partial Fat Quarters and thick strips in some bags laying around my sewing room. I decided to use more of the neutrals I had and cut them into 6" squares and then logged around them with random sized strips and then cut them up again and sew them back together in a cross type pattern. 

More scraps and an orphan block used up on the back along with the strange purple print fabric I had in my stash. 

I am so happy that I was able to bust out and use up a bunch of scraps but I will just admit that I have so so so many more scraps to use. How about you?

My new Babylock Jane!!! I love this baby so far. This is an industrial machine very similar to the Juki 2010. I love the fast speed and I love love love that it sews over different thickness and doesn't break the thread!  I bought this machine from a local dealer here in Lincoln at Sew Creative. If you are interested in knowing more about this machine call and talk to Paul he will hook you up. Really this machine is so wonderful. I actually quilted this one and a small crib quilt in the same day. 

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Finish Friday - Vintage Star

 Windy day here but tried to get a few snaps of this Vintage Star quilt because it is heading to LIncoln Quilts for KIds tomorrow.   This is the second time I made this star. I love the giant half square triangles it takes to make this quilt. Virtually no waste except for squaring up blocks. Simple tutorial can be found by Amy Smart for We All Sew.

 My bleeding heart survived the freeze last week and is back bold and big as ever.  This is the first quilt I tried to free motion quilt on with my new Babylock Jane industrial machine. It was so much fun and I felt I had so much more control with the extra harp space I now have. I can't wait to experiment more. 

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 photo LeChalleng this months challenge theme is FINE. I am linking this piece because of my first time free motioning on my new Baby Lock Jane. I did a FINE job and hope to do so much better in the future.