Le Challenge #2 - Wings

Le ChallengeI have to say this was an interesting challenge this month.  "Wings" hmmm??   I had some things I wanted to try but was not sure that I could work it into a challenge.  Then I saw Geta's quilting studio tutorials on Shadow Trapunto. I just had to try it. 

 Lots of cutting, even for my simple design. I would recommend the new embroidery scissors I won at my quilt guild the other night, however, I do not recommend using it on this project while on the phone. I snipped a thread a little too close and made a small hole in the organza. I covered it pretty well later but still!! :)
Not sure if you can guess from that left over batting??

I wanted to use a multi-color fabric to represent the butterfly wings. 
This ended up being really hard to photograph so I hope you can see the end result. 

18" x 18"
Holographic organza makes the shadow over the trapunto cut pattern of circling butterflies.
My Wings interpretation.
The holographic organza was very hard to work with when using white thread but I think it has the right effect for my idea. 

 Might be a better view to see the repetitive design.
Back of "Reverberate"

I did not have the right water soluble thread to do the first stitching with and so I used invisible. It worked so so but the bobbin 50# did pull up. I snipped most of it away but the clear is so hard to see and the bobbin did not want to pull up. It will not win any awards but it was fun to try this and I hope Geta would be proud of the effort. I should send her a pic. :)


Wow!! That is stunning!! So beautiful!
Mrs Jones said…
I love the effect. The butterflies are brilliant.
Michelle said…
I've not ventured down the path toward quilting yet, but Holographic organza is a completely new discovery for me! WOW! It's such an interesting material.
Never heard of that technique, looks amazing! Thanks for sharing on le challenge!
holographic organza!! wow! It looks so cool and I love your design!!
Jean said…
Ok, I have been dying to try Geta's technique too. I bought the book, so I would be in the know! It's on my list for summer. You did a great job, I think. Especially for a first effort. Wow!

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