Quilter's Favorites and WIP Wednesday!

 Geta over at Geta's Quilting Studio is hosting a "Quilter's Favorites" linky party.  I am new the blogging world and trying to get back into sewing and quilting.  I am not an expert in any way but I just used one of Geta's tutorials and so I thought it appropriate for me to participate.  I have learned so many things from the wonderful blogging world. Bloggers are so caring and accessible.  They tend to share freely of their work and designs as well as tips and tricks. Often there are challenges to get you to try something out of your realm and there is always something to learn. 

Some Favorite Tools: I do have some favorite tools that I have found to be wonderful.   

I love the Havel's Sewing Embroidery Scissors - It has a curved up blade so you can get really close to the fabric to snip threads. I just won this from my quilt guild last week and used it on the challenge piece I made this week (using Geta's tutorial)

I love the Frixion erasable pen. It disappears when you apply heat to the fabric. I love that it has a fine line and that you can write on anything fabric with it. They come in many colors too. 

And last but not least, I love the Kwik Klip tool. You use it to close the pins when you pin baste. It saves your fingers...really it does!!

 I have been learning lots about threads since I started blogging and sewing again.  I really don't think I could do without Aurifil threads.  I especially love the Mako #50 weight for piecing and quilting. I recently tried a #12 for decorative work. Love it!! I know that Aurifil also has an invisible thread but I have not used that...yet. I have, however, tried YLI Wonder thread and love it. It is very fine invisible thread that doesn't break or stretch while in your machine. I am going to be using it a lot more in the future.

I am in the process of trying many new quilt patterns and blocks. The blog-o-sphere is full of Quilt Alongs, BOM's, and Tutorials.  I find that if you are willing to share your work others are willing to share theirs.  It is a win win journey. Right now I love just about everything that comes from Julie over at Jaybird Quilts and Alyssa over at PileoFabrics. They have patterns, tutorials, great ideas and are very active on their blogs. 

I am currently doing Le Challenge by Nat at Made at home. This months theme was "Wings". I used a tutorial by Geta at Geta's Quilting Studio for 'shadow trapunto'. 

This is called "Reverberate" and my challenge entry. I blogged about it here.

One thing I really wanted to do was make sure I was making and learning but also finishing my projects. I have to thank a couple of bloggers for helping make that happen.  
A Lovely Year of Finishes
Two bloggers put this together and challenge followers to finish one thing a month. It has been wonderful. 

has been great for keeping on task. 

If you have a moment you can search and find just about any help or motivation you need. 
I have one Tutorial up so far to make "Quilted zipper bags" which you can access here. Enjoy. 

I will leave you with one piece of advice that I am trying to take myself. No matter if you care or not...Label your quilts. If nothing else sign and date. You never know the circumstances that one of your quilts or pieces of art might end up with someone else. 

Happy Quilting!

WIP Wednesday:

My contribution to the my quilt guild this week was to make some blocks to be raffled off. I didn't win so I will not get to make these into anything but hopefully the winner will. 


Sara said…
Reverberate has a pretty sheen to it!! Beautiful work!

Great tips--thanks for posting! I think the consensus is that we all love our Aurifil thread!!
Geta Grama said…
Thank you for sharing your favorites, Kris.
Denise Russell said…
Very useful tips! Yes, I am also in love with Aurifil!!!
Blogger said…
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