A Lovely Year of Finishes -May edition

I was thinking of what I wanted to do this month vs. what I think I can get done. hmmmm? Last month I managed to accomplish a lot so this month I might as well commit myself to something I have put off. 

For Christmas last year I wanted to make a little Husker doll blanket for my great niece Sophia.  My husband had an old doll bed from when he was little and we thought we could clean it up a bit and paint it and make it like new.  So....
I had some Husker fabric and I wanted to make a "Little Twister" quilt. I knew the fallout from the blocks would make a cute "Trip around the world" quilt for my doll blanket. 

The holes above I cut out my Twister blocks.  
This is my quilt top so far.  I promptly folded it up and put it on a shelf so now I have to finish it!!! Thanks to A Lovely year of finishes  we will see what I can come up with. It is pretty small...maybe 34" square. Any ideas are welcome???

Here is the finished doll blanket and bed. I made sheets and pillow too. 


Carrie P. said…
I think those twister quilts are so cool. I have not ever seen an ugly one. love yours done in red, white, and black

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