Come on get Happy Finish!

Triangle Along - HERE
I debated over the name of this little quilt. I felt like it was needing a name like Lily pad or Sunlight on the Pond. After my trials of working on this quilt a few weeks ago and I titled my post "Come on Get Happy", it sort of stuck in my head like the song.  You remember it right??? Partridge Family probably dates me a bit but it makes me smile to sing the song so I think it will make someone happy to get this quilt with that name too!

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Update on this quilt. It has been given to the disaster quilt drive for Pilger and Beaver Crossing tornado relief!


Terry said…
It's beautiful! Congratulations! :0)
Gemini Jen NZ said…
Great work, well done! Cool colour combo!
Marly said…
Well done; beautiful mix of fabrics.
Ella and Nesta said…
The back is as stunning as the front! Great idea to use some triangles on the back too.
This definitely makes me happy! I love how fun this quilt is. Thanks so much for quilting along with me:)
I love that song, and the partridge family! Great quilt. It definitely is a "happy" quilt!
Very Very happy finish!! You post made me smile in remembrance of the Partridge family!!

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