WIP on DYO sampler for summer SMS-along

....And that is saying something! :P I have to let you all know I am just glad to be saying or showing anything at all. I have been so blah lately. Too many things going on and not enough going right or what have you. I hope this is the start of something good!!

I have wanted to do the DYO Sampler quilt posted by Sarah Schraw @Sarahquilts to SewMamaSew Summer sew along HERE.
I used Sarah's layout because I already had some orphan blocks in mind and they fit into a couple of her size places. I also dug into my scraps and found strips and bits to piece together for more scrap blocks that fit pretty easy.

It is hectic and I like it. I am just so (sew) happy to get through some scraps and use up these orphans.

Super old orphan - school house block. I found it in an old sewing box I had and thought I could make it work in with my others. I don't even think they are cotton fabrics in that block???  I am pretty sure, if memory serves, that my mom was trying to show me how to draw up a block pattern from a picture. I think it now is at home in this crazy quilt.  A couple of the wonky log cabins I had from sitting and playing with my scraps. I was going to do a total wonky log cabin quilt but these two fit here I think. Scrappy cross blocks along the bottom for fun.

Some of my bigger blocks are orphans from the 2012 Crafty BOM. I spit up some of the blocks to go into different smaller quilts so I could give more to local charities.  You can see one of them HERE
Paper piece Craftsy block plus some scrap blocks.
Scrap shapes that were left over from my day at the Accuquilt studio. They were almost perfect petals so I could not throw them away. (Scraps not overflowing at my house..haha!) See the petals in the top Left block...I even applique stitched them!
And finally 1/4 of the scrappy scrap quilt:
So far so fun! I am making a huge mess with piles of strips and scraps everywhere but if that is what it takes to get something done I am going to force myself not to clean it up!!!!! :)
I am linking up with SewMamaSew summer sew along here: HERE
WIP Wed over at Freshly pieced HERE
Let's Bee Social with Lorna at SewFreshQuilts HERE



That is so fun! Looks kind of like a Jen Kingwell pattern :) Yeah for scraps!
Marly said…
Well done for doing so much in that Design your own Quilt project. I've been thinking about it, but that's as far as it's got: thinking! I love the idea though, of planning the different block sizes, and then making blocks to fit. A real riot, and everyone's will be different.
momiji said…
Fun stuff! Glad you are finding some sewing time--it's hard when life gets too busy and there's no time for creativity. Enjoy your project!
Hilary Florence said…
Bright and cheerful
felicity said…
i'm doing the DYO Sampler too - it's so fun! I am loving the chaos and I absolutely love the blocks you've put together so far.
So much fun! I am trying to unleash my need to control and plan on my DYO Sampler...otherwise I may never start it!
One Wee Bird said…
That looks great and it must feel sooooo satisfying to use all those bits of blocks lying around, what a great idea too.ill go check the post out that you mentioned :)
Lorna McMahon said…
Glad to hear you are having a lot of messy fun with this scrappy orphan quilt. I love that house block and it looks great right in there among all the others. Looks like all your orphans have found a 'Home, Sweet, Home'.
Wendy said…
I don't know how I missed any mention of this summer sew along, but your block is fab!

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