ALYoFinishes for July - I almost didn't do it

But I did do it!!!! :) I finished my DIY Sampler from earlier this spring. It is one of the biggest I have tried to free-motion quilt on my home machine. I even used my moms old machine with a darning foot. I did an all over mum design because of all the busy blocks and color. I won't lie, I had some teary moments when the thread would suddenly go off tension and eyelash and then I would stop and start and it would be fine again. I still have a couple spots I didn't fix. It is okay, this one is mine.

Kind of hard to see the floral quilting as I used orange thread with the mostly orange back.

I also used the walking foot with the guide on it to stitch the binding back. It is not my favorite looking method but it worked pretty slick. Most of my scraps went into the back plus one orphan block. 

Looks like a picnic quilt to me. :) 

54" x 70"
All stash scraps used in this were from previous quilts or orphan blocks left over from the 2012 Craftsy bom class. The bear paw and the school house were blocks I saved from when I was learning to piece, my mom helped me with those.  I left them as is. When my sisters were here a few weeks ago I showed them the back of the bear paw block and it has some seams almost 3/4" wide. and the fabric might be broadcloth?

I am linking up my old post goal from here
A Lovely Year of Finishes to the finish party here

If you notice the upper right hand corner I have an entry in the Quilting Daily Singer Quilting Circles readers challenge. You can vote and that enters you for a chance to win an iron. :)  Please vote if you get a chance. The quilt blocks are going to a cause that I participate in locally Quilts for Kids. Find out more here and vote.

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Pretty! I love your FM flowers! I'm glad you went through with it.
Vera said…
Congrats on your finish! I'm usually catching up at last minute as well ;)
Jen said…
So cool! I'm gonna have to find all my orphan blocks and try this. Congrats on the quilting, it looks like a big quilt!
Rebecka said…
Wow, what a great sampler! Love all the bright colors and the way you included so many different blocks. I've got some orphan blocks of my own...I might try something like this.
verpa said…
It´s absolutely great, I love samplers like this one.

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