3rd Qtr Goals - coming late to the party

I am getting to this link up late. My local quilt guild had their bi-annual quilt show this year. There was pre- quilt show work to be done as well as during and finishing up.  Then I had a bonus - three of my sisters showed up to surprise me for the weekend! They came to the show so I am sharing a bit of that. Only one sister new about my "So Blue" quilt - a portrait of my Mother as a young girl. You can read about the making of this quilt HERE 

So now I must finish deciding what my 3rd quarter goals are:

1. My DYO Sampler needs a back and to be quilted. It is my goal for July for ALYoF so I really want to get this done.

2. I am working on a pattern test and can't reveal the quilt yet. I will say the top is done and I hope to just get it backed and quilted also. These are the scraps for the 'Flowering Lonestar" quilt coming soon.
3. Is a long shot for me because I already know I will stick others in front of it but I am putting it on here just to keep it on my mind.  My Mod Olive QAL quilt top is done just needs pressing really well and then back and quilting also.
3 relatively easy goals but sort of where I get stuck sometimes. I hope I can pull it off this quarter.
Leaving you with more eye candy from my quilt show. My Giant starburst is in this and my coral circles both from previous QALs.

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Hey I just finished my June ALYofF goal....you're doing great!

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