SuperNova Friendship Swap block 2

Jen's is the orange and mine is the green.

This is round two of the Late Night Quilter hosted by Stephanie of Late night quilter and Sandy from One million stitches.  I am swapping with Jennifer Under the Juniper tree (check out her blog here) on this swap and I am so glad. We are having a good time getting to know each other.

Our swap question this round: Without any physical or mental limitations, or personal obligations such as children or money, if you could hold any occupation or talent what would you choose and why? Would you be a great artist, an Olympic athlete, a neurosurgeon – the possibilities are limitless – share with your partner what it is about that talent or profession that inspires you.

I think it very curious that we both feel we are sort of doing something in our talent areas and without limitations we both would just do more along the same lines.  I already knew that Jen is musically talented as well as a talented quilt maker.  So if she could she would expand on that musical dream and travel in a rock band and play and sing and hang with her other musical family members and friends. So cool. (I hope to get to hear her play and sing one of these days):)
I just want to do more of what I am doing but it would be nice to be able to design fabric and quilts and be able to travel and maybe teach or do more in the quilting community. My 'without' limitations would be  travel and live abroad part of the time being surrounded by art and beauty and different cultures.

I know those are not totally outside our wheelhouses for this lifetime and I wonder what that says about us that we are sort of working on the things we dream about right now. I think it is actually pretty great.

Here is a pic of our blocks together so far.

I think they look Fab!!!!


Diane said…
They look "super" fab.
Jen said…
I'm so excited for this quilt!!

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