A Lovely Year of Finished - July = just do it!

I think my goal should be to bite the bullet and get this quilted. Since it is a scrap quilt there should be nothing to be afraid of and I should try some fun freemotion quilting on it! Okay I will give it a go. The month is already flying by so I better get on the stick!  Suggestions welcome....

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sophie said…
The possibilities for quilting designs (and fun) are endless and because it already has a lot going on, the stitching isn't going to be very prominent, so you can relax and not stress about it. remember, we do this for fun!

Since it is a sampler kind of quilt, I would likely mix of straight stitching (walking foot) with a bunch of different free-motion quilting designs. I think it would be fun to fill the sections with the strips with a different free motion pattern in each strip.

Whatever you decide to do, it's going to be lovely. What a great scrap quilt!
audrey said…
Eeep! This top is gorgeous! I love the colors and the vibrancy of the top! Totally delicious! :)

Good luck with the quilting!
beets+birch said…
wow!!! found you through bloglovin.
i'm completely in love with your style and color choices. really fantastic!
i see you are in nebraska. my in laws live in lincoln. i don't consider myself a quilter in any sense but have wanted so much to go to the quilt museum there but there is never enough time. some day i'll just slip away and take the tour.
anyway glad i found you!
Renee said…
This is a beautiful and fun quilt top and perfect for a bunch of FMQ! I'm sure it will turn out amazing!
dq said…
I sincerely love this little scrap quilt. Have fun quilting it!

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